Decorate Deities Pictures with Colourful Lamps

radha krishna photo frame colorful lamps

radha krishna photo frame colorful lamps

Let’s decorate the deity pictures with colourful lamps, like the one, which was photographed by me from my puja room, and attached with this article. Similar to decorating our children with colourful shirts and pants, let’s also concentrate some attention to decorate the great almighty. Daily during evening at least for a few hours, let’s switch on the colourful electric lights placed inside the pictures of the deity. We can also give these types of colourful pictures as gifts to our friends and relatives, in order to make them to display the attractive beauty of our deity.

Generally, no deity would ask to do service to them, since it is our own duty to do it! Either by considering the deities as our parents or as our children, we have to do divine service to them willfully. Most of us are interested to decorate ourselves with good clothes, apply perfumes and powders on our body, but we used to beautify the deities,by considering it only as a secondary thing. Famous Krishna devotees like Meerabai and Sakkubai daily used to decorate the idol of Lord Krishna with colourful clothes, by considering him as everything for them. Due to their staunch bhakti on Lord Krishna, they were able to attain salvation.

The great Lord Venkateshwara came down to the earth as Srinivasa from the Vaikunta, and though he was the Lord of the entire universe, but he lived a very simple life by staying in the hut of Ma Vakulamaligai, till the time of his marriage with Ma Padmavati. If the great Lord prefers to stay at a palace, then immediately he could have arranged to build a big home for him with the help of the divine architect Lord Viswakarma! He didn’t prefer to stay at a big place, since he has himself considered him to be as Daridra Narayana, a pauper god! He is such a humble and down-to-earth god, who doesn’t differentiates the people based on their status, and he equally treats all of his devotees.

Lord Venkateshwara willfully blesses us,if we provide food to the poor and the needy, and that’s why at Tirumala, daily thousands and thousands of pilgrims are being fed with good nutritious meals in a sumptuous manner.

Hence let’s decorate the picture of Lord Venkateshwara and Ma Padmavati with beautiful colourful lights along with other deities, in order to lead a blessed life.


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