Digital Arts of Hindu Gods & Goddesses

Krishna no-watermark

Krishna no-watermark

Nowadays due to the fast improvement in science and technology and fast expansion of modernisation, the art field is almost digitalised. Manual drawings have almost lost its importance, and in place of that, digital arts have occupied. Pictures are drawn using Multimedia and using Microsoft Word Paint Brush, instead of using pen and paper. Artists use modern digital methods for drawing and painting of pictures. But still ancient Raja Ravi Varma’s drawings didn’t lose its importance, though it was drawn using manual paper board and paint brush.

There are also some art lovers, who still prefer to buy the drawings drawn using manual paper board and art material, and it all depends on the tastes of the art lovers. At this present scenario, it is very difficult to shine in the art field, even if we use various advanced methods of drawing. In order to shine in any field, we need high recommendation from big personalities. Improving ourselves in a particular field is very difficult, but, it can be achieved through our hard work, sincerity, dedication and moreover based on our faith and devotion on the almighty.

Digital arts can be used productively, effectively and efficiently in drawing different, different pictures of the god and also in different, different forms. For example, instead of simply drawing the picture of child Krishna, we can draw a different form of picture, and in that, we can draw child Krishna in such a manner, that he playfully rubs the butter on the face of his mother Yashoda, and similarly, we can draw the picture of child Krishna as if he shows the universe on his eyes, instead of showing the universe on his mouth.

We can also draw the picture of Guru Raghavendra and Shirdi Saibaba in the form of hugging posture. Most of the people think that Lord Shaneeswara only would give troubles in their lives, and, in order to change their mentality, we can draw some smiling pictures of Lord Shaneeswara. Naramuka Vinayaka is an ancient form of Lord Vinayaka, and most of the people are not aware of that famous form of Lord Vinayaka. We can draw few pictures of Naramuka Vinayaka also, and if we are unable to sell it for a reasonable price, we can take a photo of it, and share it to others, through social Medias like Facebook, Whatsapp and through Email.

We can also draw the pictures of the ancient Rishis like Vasishta, Viswamitra, Kapila and Agastiya, and we can draw pictures in such a manner, that they smiles on seeing each other, while they shares a lighter momentbetween them.


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