Swamy T-Shirts

We should always buy T-Shirts in such a manner, that it should be engraved with Swamy’s picture. Artists would also come forward to draw the pictures of our favourite deities on the T-Shirts, based on our request, and instead of printing the pictures of our near and dear ones on the T-Shirts, and instead of buying the T-Shirts containing the caption like “I LOVE YOU”, “I MISS YOU” and “I ADMIRE YOUR BEAUTY”, we could buy the T-Shirts and we could print the caption, like, “OH! MY HOLY MOTHER MA SHAKTI DEVI, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH”, “OH! MY LORD CHILD KRISHNA I WANT TO PLAY WITH YOU, AND I WANT TO HUG AND KISS YOU”.

One thing we should always keep it in our mind, and that is, we have to always cherish the god, and we should always do only the activities in favour of him. By keeping the spiritual thoughts of the god on our mind, we would get great spiritual satisfaction and our mind would never become rust.

Instead of loving the sixth sense people, let us love the 1000 sense god, and let us gratify and sanctify him through our bhakti. By wearing the Printed T-Shirts containing the images of the god, we could move closer to him. Even as per a recent research study, those who concentrate their attention on god for a long time, would never subject to high BP, Cholesterol and heart attacks, since god willingly stays on our body.

I humbly request the kind hearted big business people those who follows Hinduism, to come forward to print T-Shirts with our Hindu Deities images, and they could give it as a gift item to the buyers during the time of selling their other brand of business products. By doing like this, lot of people could know about the significance of our Hindu deities, and by the way, people would be addicted to spirituality, and they could also quench their spiritual thirst by seeing the images of the attractive deities on their T-Shirts.

We should keep thinking about god in each and every moment of our life, since, we would be subjected to death at any point of time, and our life is purely temporary. Instead of wondering about the Krishna Bhakti of the Varkari Saints like Thukaram, Meerabai and Eknath, let us also try to become the one of the staunch devotees of Lord Krishna, and let us be blessed.


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