Spiritual Gifts – Key Chains, Books, Diaries, Calendars, Table Tops, Car Dashboard Figurines

key chain spiritual gift

key chain spiritual gift

Spiritual Gifts – Key Chains, Books, Diaries, Calendars, Table Tops, Car Dashboard Figurines.. We can give spiritual gifts as our memorable gifts to our friends, relatives and to our well-wishers during the time of their birthdays, marriages and get together functions etc. Apart from that, we can make a casual visit to the orphanages, old age homes, institutions for physically and mentally handicapped homes, in order to make a special gift to them, in the form of child Krishna, Ma Durga and Brahma idols and we can also gift the deities pictures as our valuable presentations to those homes, in order to give them a pleasant surprise!

Actually life is nothing, and in order to make it as worth, we have to give more and more spiritual gifts to as much people as we can. Gifting the spiritual gifts to others, would make the almighty to get satisfied with our good acts. We can also develop the habit of purchasing the idols of the deities, in order to exhibit in our homes, and during the time of Navaratri festivals, we can decorate those idols with good garments, fancy ornaments, in order to give more beauty to them.

Spiritual gifts also include gifting Swami Key chains, Swamy books, Swamy Calenders and Swamy Diaries. We can also gift the books containing the life history of the saints like Guru Raghavendra and Shirdi Saibaba to the special homes, in order to reduce the physical and mental burden of those who stays at those homes.

Rich people can also start spiritual lending libraries at free of cost, and in that, they can store plenty of spiritual books, in order to make the interested people to fetch their required books in an easy manner. Wealthy people can also give us spiritual gifts, in the form of producing good spiritual films, Spiritual short films, releasing spiritual YouTube Videos etc. Ancient kings and queens were given very valuable spiritual gifts to us in the form of temples.

If we visit the Thanjavur Big Temple at least once in our life time, then, we would forever think about its good architecture, the big size of the temple, the attractive divine bull, Lord Nandikeswarar etc. But nowadays, the practice of gifting spiritual things were reduced due to the so-called modern or advanced world and most of the people are interested to gift only the heart symbol and the love symbol cards to the newly wedded.

Instead of that, they could gift the idol or pictures of the Divine deities in their wedding form like Meenakshi Sundareswarar Thirukalyanam and Srinivasa Padmavathy Thirukalyanam. People should remember that whatever act they do, must be meaningful, and it should also contain some spiritual impact, or otherwise the very purpose of our living in this world itself, would go into worthless, meaningless and useless!


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