Swamy Bags

Swamy bags would be mostly available on the shops situated nearby the popular temples, and these bags would contain the images of the deities like Shiva, Shakti, Vishnu, Muruga and Vinayaka.

For Sabarimala pilgrims, the Ayyappa Guruswamy would give them a bag containing the image of Lord Ayyappa, and in that bag, the puja items of Lord Ayyappa would be readily available. Some people would not be having the interest to use the Swamy bags, by considering it as an out of fashion material. During 1980’s, we can see large number of people using Swamy bags, since they consider it as a very useful material.

Swamy bags act as a protective shield during the times of our journeys, and those who carry Swamy bags would get good courage and will-power, since they would be well-protected by the deities present in the Swamy bags.

Nowadays, since there is a ban in using plastic bags, Swamy bags again attains its significance, and most of the people are willfully buying these types of bags for their daily use. There would be a huge demand for these types of bags, especially during Ayudha Puja festival times, since most of the companies would distribute Aval, Pori, Fruits and sweets items to their office staffs, only in these types of Swamy Bags.

But it is very difficult to carry these types of bags to schools and colleges, since we would get great insult from our school and college mates. Carrying these types of bags in offices also is not recommendable, since most of our co-staffs would criticise us, and especially staffs who work in Government Departments would receive high level of insult from their co-staffs, if they carry Swamy bags made out of cloth material.

Still now, we are getting criticised from others, even for small silly things, and we find lack of independence in such cases. During the year 2000, while I was working in a Private Company, initially I carried a Swamy bag made out of cloth material, since I found it comfortable. But after getting criticised by my co-staffs, immediately, I began to carry a leather bag for office use.

Hence let us carry cloth bag containing the images of our beloved deities, at least during the time of our visit to the temples.


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