Peacock in Hinduism | Vehicle of Subrahmanya Swamy

Lord Subramanya

The Peacocks are beautiful birds, and lives in the dense forests, bird sanctuaries and zoo. They are mentioned in Hindu Puranas, Vedas and ancient texts, and peacock is the divine vehicle of Lord Muruga. Peacocks are lovable creatures, who would give best fortunes in our life. By hearing its voice, and by seeing the dance, […]

Parrot in Hindu Dharma | Vehicle of Kamadev, Shuka Maharshi, Meenakshi Devi

Parrots are lovely birds, and they are strongly associated with Hinduism. Lord Kamadeva also called as Manmadha (Kamadev) and his vehicle is a parrot, the great Shuka Maharishi contains parrot head and Mata Meenakshi Amman at Madurai is holding a parrot in her right hand. Parrots are used for astrology purposes also, and generally the […]

Goat in Hinduism | Daksha Prajapati | Vehicle of Lord Agni Dev

Goats are considered as worshipful animals in Hinduism, since goat gives its own life during the sacrifices, and also it serves as a food to the people. Lord Agni Dev, the fire god’s divine vehicle is a goat, and it faithfully serves its master for several millions of years. The Prajapati and the mind born […]

Ashwa Puja | Worshipping Horse in Hindu Dharma

Lord Hayagriva giving Vedas to BrahmaLord Hayagriva giving Vedas to Brahma

Ashwa Puja is an auspicious puja done for the Horse in order to express our love, affection and gratitude to this lovely animal. Ashwa Puja is an important ritual performed to honour the horse, which would bring happiness, strength, and wealth in our lives. This special Puja is performed in order to get the blessings […]

Dog Worship | Kukur Puja | Kukur Tihar

Dog Puja is being held at Nepal, which falls on the second day of Diwali, and this puja festival is known as Kukur Tihar, where pets including dogs and cats are treated with great respect, and puja would be performed by the priests. Mostly dogs only would participate in the festival, and some people would […]

Mongoose in Hinduism

Mongooses are very good mammals, who would be usually found in the forests, and they are considered as the worshipful creatures in Hinduism. Compared with foxes and wolves, Mongooses are very kind animals, and they never harm us. They can be tamed and even brought up in our homes, but according to wild life Act, […]

Hunting of Animals by Rama and Krishna

Hunting is an ancient practice of killing animals and birds, and many ancient kings and princes used to do hunting, in order to express their bravery and their archery skills. Even the divine avatars like Rama and Krishna had hunted some wild animals, but they have done it, only for the purpose of offering it […]

Sparrow in Hinduism

The sparrow is a small bird, and it would sometimes built small nests in our houses, in order to hatch its eggs in the nests. In general these lovable birds do not cause harm to the human beings, even if we cause harm to them. These wonderful creations of the god must be properly preserved […]

Offering Milk in Snake burrows

Milk offering in the snake burrows is a common practice in India. It would be offered on Fridays and on other auspicious festival days like Naga Panchami, Shiva Rathri and Vaikunta Ekadashi. Naga Panchami is a festival associated with the Nagas. According to the legend, Lord Krishna had removed the pride from the mind of […]

Black Ants in Hinduism

Small Black ants are gentle insects, and they don’t bite others, even if someone cause harm to it. As per ancient legend, once the divine devas wanted to worship Lord Shiva in the earth, and hence they took the form of small black ants, and began to live in the Erumbeeswarar Temple, Thiruverumbur, Tamilnadu, and […]

Bears in Hinduism, Hindu Scriptures

Bears are also considered as sacred animals, since their ancestor is the great Jambavan, the king of bears. Jambavan was the mighty bear king, who was specially created by Lord Brahma, in order to help Lord Rama during the Treta Yuga. He lived in a cave in the Dwapara Yuga also, and he mistakenly fought […]

Show Love & Affection for Animals and Birds

Similar to humans, animals and birds are also considered as wonderful creations of the god. But similar to humans, animals and birds cannot express their feelings easily. They used to produce noise, whenever they are in need of our help. But some people would get irritated and would throw stones on dogs and crows. All […]

Lion & Tiger in Hindu Scriptures

Lions and tigers are wild animals, and they have the capacity to even attack a wild elephant. They are strongly related with Hinduism, and Lord Vishnu took the Narasimha Avatar, with the head of a lion, Mata Parvati is having the lion as her vehicle, and Lion is considered as the king among all the […]

Dog in Hinduism | Vehicle of Lord Kalabhairava

Dogs are worshipped in Hinduism, and they are considered as the vehicle of Lord Kalabhairava, an incarnation of Lord Shiva. Dogs contain very good features and easily attached with anyone, and would serve faithfully to its master. Dog truthfully and honestly would serve his master, and protects him from dangers, and even would lose its […]

Snakes in Hinduism | Snake Worship | Why are Snakes Holy in Hindu Dharma

Naga Panchami

Snakes are the divine deities and they are worshipped since Vedic periods and they are considered as the demigods similar to Lord Surya, Kubera, Yama, Niruthi, Agni, Vayu, Chandra and Indra. Snakes are related with Hindu gods and goddesses, and they decorate the gods as ornaments. Lord Shiva is wearing in his neck the Holy […]

Jackal in Hindu Scriptures | Vehicle of Mata Chamunda

Jackal is considered as the divine vehicle of Mata Chamunda, an incarnation of Mata Parvati Devi. In some pictures, Mata Kali also appears with her divine vehicle jackal. Jackals though are wild animals, but are considered as very clever animals, and they would mostly live in the forest and in burial grounds. As per Shiva […]

Rabbits in Hindu Scriptures

Rabbits are lovely mammals and are considered as worshipful creatures. In the Dwapara Yuga, Lord Krishna loved rabbits, similar to cows, and showed his great affection on them. Rabbits are mentioned in ancient Puranas and in holy texts, and they are considered as the pet animals for most of the sages. They used to wander […]

Elephant in Hinduism | Ganesha, Gajendra Moksha, Airavata

Elephants are considered as holy animals, and they would be found in temples, zoos and forests. Though they are classified as wild animals, in general, they would not harm others. Only if they get some problem in their physical or mental health, they would try to attack others. Elephants are considered as the divine incarnations […]

Buffalo | Lord Yama’s Vehicle

Buffalo is the divine vehicle of Lord Yama, the death god, who takes the lives of all the living beings in the earth after their death. Buffaloes are worshipful animals, and cannot be killed for meat, since it would give lot of troubles to the killer as well as the eater of the meat during […]