Offering Milk in Snake burrows

Offering of Milk in snake burrows Nagula chavithi nagula panchami

Offering of Milk in snake burrows Nagula chavithi nagula panchami

Milk offering in the snake burrows is a common practice in India. It would be offered on Fridays and on other auspicious festival days like Naga Panchami, Shiva Rathri and Vaikunta Ekadashi. Naga Panchami is a festival associated with the Nagas. According to the legend, Lord Krishna had removed the pride from the mind of the powerful snake Kaliya, and blessed him during the Dwapara Yuga.

The day on which he removed his ego and pride is known as Naga Panchami, and it is celebrated throughout India by the Hindus. During that day, devotees would gather in front of snake burrows and would joyfully offer milk to the snakes. They also would apply turmeric and Kumkum in the snake burrows, in order to express their faith and devotion on the holy Naga Devatas.

Those who suffer from Kala Sarpa Doshams are advised to perform puja to the snake gods and to offer milk, rice and sugar inside the burrows of the snakes. North Indians would also offer pure ghee sweets in the snake burrows, in order to add sweetness in their lives. Whatever we offer we must have to sincerely do it, and must not think that the snakes residing in the burrows are ordinary snakes.

All the snakes found in the earth are considered as the descendants of Lord Adisesha, the thousand headed divine serpent bed of Lord Vishnu. Hence by worshipping the snakes on Naga Panchami day, we would get the grace of Lord Adishesha and Lord Vishnu. Lord Muruga is also worshipped as Naga Subramaniya in some temples. We can also visit Kukke Subrahmanya Temple, Ananta Padmanabha Swamy Temple and Kalahasti Temple, in order to get rid from Naga Doshams.

Since Lord Shiva is also wearing a holy snake on his neck, by performing Naga puja, he would also get delighted, and offer various boons to us. Snakes are very clever reptiles, and if we cause any harm to them whether knowingly or unknowingly they would definitely punish us. In order to get rid from the enmity of snakes, it is best to perform Naga puja on every Friday, and to offer milk and other items in the snake burrows.

Ma Manasa Devi is a famous snake goddess, and she is worshipped all over India in various names. In Tamil Nadu, she is worshipped as Nagathamman, and lot of temples are dedicated to her in Tamil Nadu. In some temples, she would be seated under a holy tree, and would shower her immense blessings to her devotees.

We can also chant various mantras in order to please the snake deities like Karkotaka, Aryaka, Vasuki, Adisesha and Takshaka.


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