Goat in Hinduism | Daksha Prajapati | Vehicle of Lord Agni Dev

Agni deva on Goat vehicle

Agni deva on Goat vehicle

Goats are considered as worshipful animals in Hinduism, since goat gives its own life during the sacrifices, and also it serves as a food to the people. Lord Agni Dev, the fire god’s divine vehicle is a goat, and it faithfully serves its master for several millions of years.

The Prajapati and the mind born son of Lord Brahma, the great Daksha Bhagavan, contains the head of a goat, after his natural head was removed by Lord Veerabhadra and replaced with the head of a goat during the performance of an Yagna, for which Lord Shiva was not invited.

Goats, used to eat grass, vegetables and also the wastage, and its milk also contains good nutrients, and consuming that, would relieve some kinds of diseases. Goats would faithfully serve their masters, and even during the time of their killing, they would affectionately look at their master, and would nod their heads.

Skins of some types of goats are also used for preparing blankets, and other items. Though it is created mainly as a food item to the humans, at least, during the time of their living, let us don’t cause harm to them, and let them live happily till their death.

Let us worship Lord Agni Dev and be blessed.

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