Show Love & Affection for Animals and Birds

Similar to humans, animals and birds are also considered as wonderful creations of the god. But similar to humans, animals and birds cannot express their feelings easily. They used to produce noise, whenever they are in need of our help. But some people would get irritated and would throw stones on dogs and crows.

All the birds and animals are the aspects of some deities. For example, crows are considered as the divine vehicle of Lord Shanidev, Parrots are considered as incarnations of Lord Sukha, Dogs are considered as the Vahana of Lord Kalabhairava and cats are considered as the vehicle of Ma Shasti Devi.

God dwell in the souls of all animals and birds. If we cause some harm to the animals and birds, it is similar to causing harm to the almighty itself. If we see any street dogs wandering here and there, we can make a call to the blue cross, and ask them to take it in their shelter, or else, if we have sufficient money, we can also take it under custody, and can provide rich and abundant food, which they cannot find it anywhere in the streets. After eating the meals, it would make a lovely bark, and would lick all over our body, and at that time, we would get the feeling of getting the kiss from our own children.

While comparing with humans, dogs are very affectionate and honest animals and they would sincerely serve their masters. We would have heard lot of news from magazines and newspapers, that dogs have saved the lives of the kids from harmful insects and snakes. But in case of humans, we would easily forget about the help done by others. If a person lends money to somebody, he must have to treat it as donation, since it is very difficult to get back the money given to the strangers.

Birds like crows and parrots are wonderful creatures, since these birds would affectionately receive food from our hands itself. By keeping food and water for the birds in our upper terrace, we would get great punya, and we would prosper in our life.


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