Peacock in Hinduism | Vehicle of Subrahmanya Swamy

Lord Subramanya

Lord Subramanya

The Peacocks are beautiful birds, and lives in the dense forests, bird sanctuaries and zoo. They are mentioned in Hindu Puranas, Vedas and ancient texts, and peacock is the divine vehicle of Lord Muruga.

Peacocks are lovable creatures, who would give best fortunes in our life. By hearing its voice, and by seeing the dance, we would forget our worries and tensions, and we would become cheerful.

Peacock is also considered as the divine vehicle of goddess Lakshmi and Saraswati. It is known as Mayura, and Guru Ramana kept some peacocks at his ashram, and it is believed that, after their death, due to the grace of Guru Ramana, they had attained SALVATION.

In Kanda Purana, Lord Muruga defeated the demon Surapadma, only by seating in his vehicle peacock. The holy peacock also destroyed lot of demons through its nose and nails, and brought victory to the great Lord Muruga. Peacocks also considered as worshipful creatures, since they are the blessed ones. In Murugan temples, we can find the idol of Peacock in front of the main shrine.

Hence, whenever we see any peacock, let us provide proper food and water to them, and save them from starvation, and by doing the noble act, we would be blessed by the divine gods in the heaven.

Let us worship Lord Mayura, the divine vehicle of Lord Muruga, and be blessed.


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