Snakes in Hinduism | Snake Worship | Why are Snakes Holy in Hindu Dharma

Naga Panchami

Naga Panchami

Snakes are the divine deities and they are worshipped since Vedic periods and they are considered as the demigods similar to Lord Surya, Kubera, Yama, Niruthi, Agni, Vayu, Chandra and Indra.

Snakes are related with Hindu gods and goddesses, and they decorate the gods as ornaments. Lord Shiva is wearing in his neck the Holy Vasuki Bhagavan, and Lord Vinayaka is wearing in his stomach the noble Astika, and Lord Vishnu is seated in the divine serpent bed, Lord Adisesha.

Mata Manasa Devi is the female snake goddess and she is the mother of Astika. Her temples are situated in Haridwar, Haryana and in Andhra Pradesh. In Tamil Nadu, Mata Manasa Devi is being worshipped as Nagathamman. She would do wonders in the life of her sincere devotees.

By worshipping snake gods, we would get relieved from our sins, diseases and from all kinds of Doshams, and from the bad effects of the planetary positions. Though, snakes are considered as poisonous reptiles, but in general, it would not cause harm to human beings unnecessarily. Once if they realize, that we are going to harm them, then only,they would bite us. Whenever if we come across any poisonous snakes, it is suggested to chant the Mantras “OM SRI SESHA BHAGAVANE NAMAHA”, “OM SRI VASUKI BHAGAVANE NAMAHA”, in order to save ourselves from the snake bites.

According to Hindu Puranas, in the netherworld, there is a separate world for divine snakes, and in that place, divine snakes like Vasuki, Karkotaka and Astika are living and they contain spiritual powers.

Similar to the Indra Loka, snake world is also a beautiful Loka, and those who had done good karmic deeds in the earth, and worships the almighty sincerely, would get an opportunity to live in the Holy snake world. In that divine snake world, there is no need to worry about anything, and we would not suffer from any kind of diseases, and we can live happily for several thousands of years in that Holy world.

Snake gods would give great respect to the devotees of Lord Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. The great Vishnu devotees like Sri Narada, Tumburu and Bhakta Prahlada had visited the snake worlds, and they were highly honoured by the snake gods.

It is believed that the great demon King Mahabali, grandson of Bhakta Prahlada, is living in the Sutala Loka, which is also situated in the underworld, and that Loka is still being safeguarded by Vishnu, and he acts as a guardian for that Loka. It is also believed that those who worships King Mahabali and Bhakta Prahlada along with Lord Vishnu, would be blessed by the snake god Adisesha, and through his grace, we would get an opportunity to live in the divine snake world, after our death.

Let us worship Lord Vishnu and be blessed.


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