Swan in Hindu Scriptures | Hamsa in Hinduism | Vehicle of Saraswati, Brahma, Gayatri, Vishwakarma

maa saraswati 128 no-watermark

maa saraswati 128 no-watermark

Swans, also called as Hamsa, are considered as pious birds in Hinduism. According to legend, divine swans are believed to live in the Himalayan mountain ranges, and they contain spiritual powers, and they are the worshippers of Shiva and Parvati.

In Manasarovar Lake, divine swans used to swim and it is believed that it would appear only in the eyes of the noble people. And by worshipping the swans in the Manasarovar Lake would cleanse our sins, and we would prosper in our life.

Swans are also the divine vehicle of the Creator god Brahma, Gayatri Devi and Mata Saraswati. The divine architect, Lord Viswakarma also has swan as his vehicle. Mata Damayanti used to convey her love messages to Nala through the help of a swan bird. Swans are mentioned in ancient texts, and they are considered as very pure.

Swans would separate water and milk, and drink milk only, similar to that, we also have to differentiate between bad and good things, and ignore the bad things, and must do only good things in our life. Swans would walk very slowly and would eat small insects, fish and crabs. They are not supposed to be killed, since killing of swans would cause angry to Lord Brahma Dev and Mata Saraswati, and they would curse us.

Swans would live in lakes and ponds, and contains a pleasing appearance. They would never give troubles to us, and in fact, makes our mind to get relaxed through their beautiful appearance.

Let us worship Lord Brahma and Mata Saraswati and be blessed.


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