Rabbits in Hindu Scriptures

Rabbits are lovely mammals and are considered as worshipful creatures. In the Dwapara Yuga, Lord Krishna loved rabbits, similar to cows, and showed his great affection on them.

Rabbits are mentioned in ancient Puranas and in holy texts, and they are considered as the pet animals for most of the sages. They used to wander nearby the ashram of the sages, and used to eat carrots and greens from the forest.

Rishi Kanva brought up rabbits and deer, and he greatly loved them. He used to feed vegetables and fruits from his own hands, and made them as the tamed pet animals.

Rabbits living in the forest would appear bigger in size. Though rabbit doesn’t get angry over others, but if anyone disturbs its child, it would become wild and attacks them.

Rabbits are also related with Lord Chandra, since if we look at the moon, we can see a rabbit like thing appears inside the moon. Similar to dogs and cats, rabbit also shows faithfulness to its master, and act as a friend to its master, and rabbits are very soft and gentle animals.

But nowadays rabbits are being killed for meat, and most of the people who keep rabbits as pet animals, used to kill them and preparing dishes through their meat. Some people exclusively grow rabbits in their homes for the purpose of converting it into meat items.

People also sell the rabbits to star hotels and making lot of money. But doing such kind of act is not advisable, since rabbits are considered as lovely creatures and they must be protected.

Let us worship Lord Krishna and be blessed.


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