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Jambavan with Krishna Jambavati

Jambavan with Krishna Jambavati

Bears are also considered as sacred animals, since their ancestor is the great Jambavan, the king of bears. Jambavan was the mighty bear king, who was specially created by Lord Brahma, in order to help Lord Rama during the Treta Yuga.

He lived in a cave in the Dwapara Yuga also, and he mistakenly fought with Lord Krishna, and after some time, he has realized that Lord Krishna is none other than his beloved Rama, and asked apology to him, and his daughter Jambavati and Lord Krishna were married and went to Dwaraka. After the end of Dwapara Yuga, Jambavan went to the abode of his father, the Brahma Loka, and he is still living there by chanting Rama Mantra, Jai Sriram, similar to Lord Hanuman.

The cave where he fought with Lord Krishna is situated in Porbandar, Gujarat. There is also a separate shrine for Lord Jambavan at Mannarpolur AzhaguMallari Krishnaswami Temple, Andhra Pradesh. According to my opinion, some more Jambavan shrines can be constructed in Rama and Krishna Temples, since Lord Jambavan is also considered as a divine god, and he contains supreme powers similar to Lord Hanuman.

Though bears are considered as wild animals, but if it is properly tamed, it would act like a faithful dog to us. But nowadays we cannot bring wild animals as a pet animal to our homes, since it is strictly prohibited by the wild life authority of India. Some years ago, some tribal people used to bring bear cubs from the forests, after killing their mother, and they would forcibly do sterilization to the cubs in a violent manner, and they would use it for conducting road shows in various towns and villages in India.

Bears contain great powers, and it would be able to fight even with lions and tigers. Being the descendants of Lord Jambavan, whenever we meet them in the zoo, we can provide food items like fruits, biscuits and sweet items. Since by providing food to the holy animal bear, we can satisfy the great Bear King Jambavan, and can get his immense blessings from the Brahma Loka.


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