The purpose of Human birth (Manava Janma Uddeshya)

This precious human life is in variably wasted by many because they go about without any aim. On the other hand, it is necessary for everyone to take a form decision to think good, act in a positive manner and do only noble deeds.

While political activities many result in creating divisive tendencies, and scientific development may often be used for destructive purposes, religion will unit men and remake them godly and divert their attention towards the goal of salvation. Men should act entirely different from animals and birds which have no sense of discriminating power.

The spiritual way of life will mean that those resorting to the path of devotion should associate themselves with men of piety, visit temples and seek divine grace to help them swim across this sea of transmigration. While it is extremely difficult to acquire divine qualities and conduct oneself in accordance with the moral codes, bad thoughts will enter into a man’s mind quickly without any invitation.

Evil tendencies will lead a man on the wrong path. A typical example of the quick influence of the negative forces is the business carried out by a person selling liquor. People will flock to his shop. One the other hand, a person selling butter milk will have to seek buyers.

To inculcate discipline and aid devotion, in ancient days lecture used to be arranged in temples daily so that listeners will carry with them only pious thoughts. The eyes gifted by god should enjoy the vision of God (residing in idols) the hand should offer flowers and worship him; the tongue should always praise God and the head bow at his feet.

All these exercises should start in one’s early life because there is no guarantee that one’s faculties will be alert in later life. Should not man then prepare himself to surrender to God? He should place his heart at the feet of God pleading with all sincerity to enlighten him.

These statements which find expression in the numerous verses a Saint Arunagirinathar in his Thiruppugaze in praise of Muruga (lord subramanya) where explained by Sri mathivannan in a lecture. The poet, philosopher and saint distinguished himself in his outpourings which contain the essence of the teachings of the hymns of other great composers.

He has described how one can experience bless. This torrential flow of words from this mouth is itself a proof that it can   only be a gift of god because no human agency has the capacity to compose such glorious poem. The sent had turned from Haridwar to Kathirgamam, awakening the spiritual power in man.

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  1. g v sastry says:

    only man is endowed with intelligence to know himself. the answer is given in bhagavath gita