Sparrow in Hinduism

The sparrow is a small bird, and it would sometimes built small nests in our houses, in order to hatch its eggs in the nests. In general these lovable birds do not cause harm to the human beings, even if we cause harm to them. These wonderful creations of the god must be properly preserved by us, and it must be protected from eagles and big birds.

Nowadays due to the increase in mobile phone towers, there is a rapid decline in the population of these birds. Still we can find few birds in the trees, which would raise a softer and a gentle voice.

Most of the people would not cause harm to these birds, and would provide food grains to them. Sparrows also consume nuts, seeds and small insects. These are very active birds, and we should try to cultivate the briskness from them.

As per legend, once a beautiful sparrow laid her eggs on the ocean shore, but a big wave carried all the eggs into the deep of the ocean. Due to that, the sparrow was very much worried and prayed to the ocean god, Lord Varuna to return back the eggs to her. But the ocean god, Varuna didn’t appear before the sparrow, and as a result the sparrow wanted to punish Lord Varuna, and decided to empty the entire water contained in the ocean. Though its act is considered as foolish, but its determination was highly appreciated by Lord Garuda, the divine bird and the vehicle of Lord Vishnu.

Lord Garuda wanted to help the small bird, and hence he appeared before the sparrow, consoled it, and then he ordered Lord Varuna to return the eggs which was taken by the waves. Lord Varuna didn’t want to fight with Lord Garuda, and hence he appeared before them, and gave back those eggs to the sparrow, and disappeared in the ocean.

Though this incident might be considered as a story, but the painstaking efforts done by the tiny bird sparrow must be well appreciated by everyone.


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