Ardhanareeshwara Temple, Srisailam

Ardhanareeshwara Temple inside the Srisailam Bhramarambika Mallikarjunaswamy Temple is a sub temple in this complex. In fact, it is not a temple but an idol installed in the open place. This idol is in the northern side of the main temple. This is the oldest idol. Details and period of the idol remains unknown yet. […]

Significance of Tungnath Temple

Tungnath temple is located in the mountain range of Tunganath in the district of Rudraprayag in Tehri Garhwal region, in the state of Uttarakhand in north India. It is to be remembered that Tungnath temple is the highest Shiva temple in the world. It is the highest Panch Kedar temples. It is one of the […]

History of Simhachalam Temple (Sthala Puranam)

Here is the history of Simhachalam Temple (Sthala Puranam of Simhachalam Varaha Lakshmi Narasimhaswamy Temple). Sri Varaha Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Temple of Simhachalam is located in Visakhapatnam district (Vizag) in Andhra Pradesh. Sthalapuranam The local Sthala purana contains a religious historical account of the foundation of the Temple which relates to the well-known story of the demon […]

Puja Timings of Triplicane Parthasaradhi Temple

Puja Timings of Triplicane Parthasaradhi Temple are given here.. This timetable contains opening timings and closing timings of Triplicane Parthasarathyswamy Temple, Chennai.. “Aaru Kaala Pooja” (Six Time Prayers of the Day). (Subject to changes during uthsavams & unprecedented events). TIMINGS – POOJA 5.50 A.M – THIRUMANJANA KUDAM 5.55 A.M – SUBRABHADHAM. 6.00 A.M – VISHWAROOBAM 6.15 […]

Prayaga Madhaveswari Temple | Shaktipeetha Temple in Prayag

Prayaga Madhaveswari Temple is one of the 18 Shaktipeetha Temples (Astadasha Shaktipeethas). It is 14th Temple in the list. The Goddess here is also popular as Alopi Mata (Maa Lalita). According to the legend of Sati, Hastanguli (Hand fingers) of the Goddess were fallen on this place. Bhairava of this Shakti Peetha is ‘Bhava’ and […]

Draksharamam Sri Bhimeshwara Swamy Temple, Pancharama Shiva Temple at Draksharamam

Draksharamam Sri Bhimeshwara swamy temple, also known as Draksharama Bhimanatha swamy temple, is one of the Pancharama temples in East Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh. Draksharamam located at a distance of 28 kilometers from Kakinada, 50 kilometers from Rajahmundry, and 25 kilometers from Amalapuram. It was the abode of Daksha Prajapathi hence it has got […]

Bhishma Ekadashi at Antarvedi Narasimha Swamy Temple, Andhra Pradesh

Bhishma Ekadashi, also spelt as Bheeshma Ekadasi, is observed on Magha Shukla Ekadashi, the eleventh day in Magha masam. In 2019, Bhishma Ekadashi date is February 17. This festival is a grand event at Antarvedi Laxmi Narasimha Swamy Temple, East Godavari district, in Andhra Pradesh. During the celebrations, Narasimha Swamy Kalyanotsavam (divine marriage celebrations of […]

Madhwa Navami in Udupi Sri Krishna Temple – Madhva Navami celebrations

Madhwa Navami or Madhwa Navami is celebrated with utmost gaiety on Magha Shukla Navami day. This day commemorates the journey of Madhwacharya to Badarikashrama. Madhwa Navami 2019 date is February 14. On this day Madhwacharya, the exponent of Dwaita philosophy, went to meet his Guru Veda Vyasa at Badrinath and disappeared. On Madhva Navami day, special […]

Arasavalli Temple Ratha Saptami Puja 2019 Live Online

Arasavalli Temple Ratha Saptami Puja 2019 Live Online (Arasavalli Suryanarayana Swamy Temple), Andhra Pradesh. Ratha Saptami or Surya Jayanthi is the most important festival celebrated at Arasavalli Surya Narayana Swamy Temple, Srikakulam district of Andhra Pradesh. In 2019, Ratha Saptami date is February 12. This festival marks the onset of spring season. In Arasavalli Temple, devotees will […]

Is it necessary to visit temples if one has direct connection with the Guru?

Is it necessary to visit temples if one has direct connection with the Guru? Art of Living’s Sri Sri Ravishankar Guruji, explaining the deeper meaning in visiting temples in his own words…. Visiting temples is more of a cultural and sociological phenomenon. Of course there is a spiritual flavour to it also. But that is […]

Palivela Uma Koppeswara Swamy Kalyanotsavam on Maha Shivaratri

Palivela Temple’s Uma Koppeswara Swamy Kalyanotsavam is celebrated on Maha Shivaratri every year. The kalyana Mahotsavam of the Lord Sri Uma Koppeswara Swamy takes place on the day of Mahasivarathri (Maga Bahula Ekadasi Day) every year in kalyana mandapam which was renovated by ‘Raja Raja Narendra’ in 11th century. People from far and wide come […]

Story of Kanipakam Temple | Sthala Puranam – Kanipakam Varasiddhi Vinayakaswamy Temple

Here is the Story of Kanipakam Temple, Sthala Puranam of Kanipakam Varasiddhi Vinayakaswamy Temple. Kanipakam Varasiddhi Vinayaka Temple is one of the famous Temples in Andhra Pradesh and the most celebrated Ganesha Temple in Telugu states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. The story of Kanipakam Temple is associated with three brothers who were handicap. “Kani” means wetland […]

Pujas in February 2019 in Kanchi Kamakoti Peetham, Kanchipuram

The list of Pujas & Events in February 2019 in Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam, Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu is given here. Visesha Pujas in February 2019 2nd February 2019 – Saturday – Pradosha Puja 4th February 2019 – Monday – Mahodaya Punya Kaalam 10th February 2019 – Sunday – Vasanta Panchami 12th February 2019 – Tuesday – Ratha Saptami […]

Pithapuram Puruhitika Devi Temple, Sri Raja Rajeswari Devi Shakti Peetham in Pithapuram

Puruhutika Devi temple in Pithapuram is one of the Astadasha Shakti Peetha temples. This temple is dedicated to Lord Kukkuteshwara Swamy (Lord Shiva) and his consort Goddess Sri Puruhutika Devi (Goddess Sri Rajarajeshwari Devi). Importance and Sanctity of Pithapuram: The kshetrams or the temples located here can directly indicate the significance and sanctity of Pithapuram. […]

How to reach Babulnath Temple, Mumbai

A religious spot popular among Lord Shiva temples is Babulnath temple. It is located in the heart of Mumbai. The city is well connected with the rest of the world including Singapore, Dubai, London, Europe etc. You can avail train, bus or flight to reach the city which never sleeps. Mumbai’s Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport […]

Ghati Subramanya Temple | Famous Subrahmanya Temple in Karnataka

Ghati Subramanya swamy temple is one of the popular temples dedicated to Lord Subramanya in Karnataka. The temple is located near Doddaballapur about 60 Kms from Bangalore. Lord Lakshmi Narasimha is also consecrated in Ghati temple. Subramanya idol is considered as Swayambhu vigraha i.e. self originated. The most significant feature of this temple is Lord […]

Goddess Ekaveera Devi Temple, Mahur

Ekaveera devi mahur

The temple in Mahur is dedicated to Goddess Ekaveera and is loacted in Kinwat, about 130 km away from Nanded in Maharashtra. Ekaveera mata is the mother of Parashuram who is one of the avataras of Lord Vishnu. It is one of the most important Shakti Peethas in India. Mahur is amongst the four places […]

Sholingaswami Temple, Kannivadi, Dindigul

Sri Sholingaswami Temple is situated in the village known as as Somalingapuram, near Kannivadi, in Dindigul, in Tamil Nadu. The main deity of this shrine is Sholingaswami (Lord Shiva). The shrine is nearly 500 years old. The holy tree in the shrine premises is Vilwa and the holy theertham is Vedhi theertham. Lord Shiva immediately […]

Sri Kalyana Pasupatheeswarar temple, Karur

Sri Kalyana pasupatheeswarar temple is located in the heart of Karur town in the district of Karur, in the state of Tamil Nadu in South India. The main deities of this temple are Pasupatheeswarar, Pasupathi, Aanilai Appar (Lord Shiva) and his consorts are Alankaravalli, Soundarya Nayaki and Krupa Nayaki. The holy tree of this temple […]

Naina Devi Aarti

Naina Devi Aarti is a famous prayer dedicated to Goddess Naina Devi. Nainadevi Temple is one of the 51 Shaktipeethas (51 ancient, powerful temples of Goddess Shakti). Lyrics of Naina Devi Aarti…. Jai Ambe Gauri, Mayya Jai Shyama Gauri Tumko Nish-Din Dhyavat, Hari Brahma Shivri [1] Jai Ambe Gauri Maang Sindoor Virajat, Tiko Mrig-Mad Ko Ujjwal Se Dou […]