Sthala Purana of Kukke Subramanya Swamy Temple

Kukke Subramanya Temple

Kukke Subramanya Temple

Kukke Subramanya Swamy temple complex is located at the foot hills of Kumara Parvatha and along the banks of river Kumara Dhara. According to Hindu Religious History, God took birth in the form of Kumara Swamy (the deity) and came with Lord Ganapathi to Kumara Dhara to kill the demon Tarakasura, where he married Devasena (daughter of Devendra) on Margashira Suddha Shashti. He was pleased with the devotion of Nararaju (Vasuki) who was meditating there and assured Vasuki that he will reside with Devasena as a part of divine power.

This place is revered to be one of the seven moksha points d by Lord Parashurama. Snake worship (Nagaradhane) is being performed since ancient times. It is believed that Vasuki fulfill the requests of devotees with the blessings of Subramanya. This place is also described as Gupta kshethra.

There is no exact historic evidence regarding the period when the temple was built. Mythology and in Skandapurana refers that during 9th – 10th century AD Sri Shankara who wrote “Shankara Vijayam” (in Bhujanga sthotra), the worship of “Bhaje kukke ligam” has been mentioned. There is reference to kukke in bunt’s inscription to 9 AD.

Lord Subrahmanya resides in this place the in the shape (avatar) of a snake (serpent) .

It is the popular belief among devotees visiting the shrine and offering pooja will fulfill their wishes concerning Santhana Bhagya healing of skin disorders and elimination of Nagadosha (curse of the serpent). The soil of the anthill is the Prasadam here. Sarpa Samskara, Ashlesha Bali and Nagaprathishte are major forms of worship (pooja) held by here.

The renovation of the temple was done in the year 2005 by the administration. And the temple complex area and extensive development have been undertaken under the Master Development plan since 2010.

The idol of Ballala Raya is situated inside the temple indicates the administration by the king. The idols of Dwarapalakas are located on either side of the Sanctum Sanctorum.

On the of Champa Shasti Mahotsava, the main priest of the temple as part of the worship distributes Mruthike (soil) of anthill. Applying of sandal paste and turmeric paste offering, fried rice, jaggery, banana to the deity is practiced . It is believed that Kumara Dhara river is known for its medical properties and that bathing in the river hake heals skin disorders.

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