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Phool Bangla Utsav 2018 from Kamada Ekadasi to Haryali Amavasya

Phool Bangla Vrindavan banke bihari ji temple

Phool Bangla Vrindavan banke bihari ji temple

Phool Bangla Utsav celebrated from Kamada Ekadashi (Chaitra Shukla Paksh Ekadashi) till Haryali Amavasya or Shravan Amavasya (No Moon day in Shravan month) at Vrindavan Banke Bihari ji Temple in Uttar Pradesh is a festival dedicated to Banke Bihariji (Lord Krishna) during which House of Flowers are erected daily evening.

In 2018, Phool Bangla begins on March 27 and ends on August 11.

Phool Bangla Utsav is celebrated for more than 4 months. During the festival of flowers Lord Shri Vrindavan Banke Bihari ji enjoys the fragrance and the ambiance of spring and summer flowers.

For more details browse the official website of Vrindavan Bankey Bihari Ji Temple. Image source is the official website of Vrindavan Temple.

In 2017, Phool Bangla begins on April 7 and ends on August 7.

In 2016, Phool Bangla begins on April 17 and ends on August 2.

In 2015, Phool Bangla begins on March 31 and ends on August 14.

In 2014, Phool Bangla begins on April 11 and ends on July 26.

In 2013, Phool Bangla begins on April 22 and ends on August 6. In 2012, Phool Bangla begins on April 3 and ends on July 19.

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