Temples to Visit on Vishu Festival in Chennai

Vishu is the traditional Malayali New Year festival which would be mostly celebrated in South India, by the Malayalees in a joyful manner. This festival would be celebrated either on 14th or 15th April of every year, and mostly this festival event would takes place during the Tamil New Year Day, and hence Tamil people also used to celebrate Vishu festival by considering it as a Tamil New Year festival day.

Chennai Malayalis visit some Kerala Temples situated in Chennai during the auspicious Vishu Festival day, and the details about those temples are as follows:-

Sri Uttara Guruvayurappan Temple, Nanganallur

This is a most famous temple for Lord Krishna, who used to appear in the form of Lord Guruvayurappan, and those who stay at Nanganallur, Palavanthangal and Madipakkam areas, would eagerly visit this superb Krishna Temple on auspicious festival days like Vishu, Krishna Jayanti and Vaikunta Ekadasi. The address of the temple is: Plot No:21, 2nd Main Rd, Ram Nagar, Nanganallur, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600061.


Similar to the Guruvayur Temple situated in Kerala, there is a famous Guruvayur Krishnan Temple situated in Chennai, and Malayalis who lives nearby Ambattur and its surrounding areas, used to visit this wonderful Krishna Temple, in order to seek the blessings of our beloved Child Lord Krishna. The address of the temple is No.44CW+8WP, Nainiammal St, Vivek Nagar, Ambattur, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600053.

Mahalingapuram Sree Ayyappan-Guruvayurappan Temple

This is a famous temple for Lord Krishna as well as Ayyappan, but, generally this temple would be fondly called by the devotees, only as “MAHALINGAPURAM AYYAPPAN TEMPLE”. The Address of the temple is No.18, Madhavan Nair Rd, Mahalingapuram, Nungambakkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600034. The temple is constructed in the year 1974. The Ayyappan devotees those who live near Mahalingapuram and its surrounding areas used to visit this temple during the Mandala and Makara Vilakku season, and also during the auspicious Vishu Festival day.


Anna Nagar Ayyappan Koil is a famous Ayyappan Temple dedicated to the Swamy Ayyappa in Chennai, and it is situated in Anna Nagar. The temple has shrines for Ganesha, Muruga, Durga, Anjaneya, Navagrahas and Nagaraja.  Pujas at the temple are conducted by Kerala namboodiris. Lot of Ayyappan devotees while proceeding to Sabarimala used to visit this excellent Ayyappan Temple, in order to have a glimpse of the magnificent idol of Lord Ayyappa. Apart from South Indians, we can also find even North Indians at this temple, during the auspicious Vishu Festival day. I have also visited this nice Ayyappan Temple for several times, while I was living in Chennai.

Let us Visit and worship the deities present in the temples of Lord Ayyappa and Krishna in order to get the blessings of Lord Krishna and Ayyappa.


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