Various Ways to increase our Bhakti on God

There are various ways to increase our bhakti on the almighty. Keeping bhakti on the same level is not correct. We have to increase our bhakti day by day, and try to become similar to the Varkari saints like Tukaram, Meerabai, Sakkubai and Chokamela. We should not think that it is not possible for us to concentrate more and more attention on the almighty. It can be made possible, if we keep stringent faith on the almighty through our constant spiritual practice and training. An ordinary person can also become a divine form, if he fills up spiritual thoughts on the god on his soul.

During the initial stages of practising devotion, people can keep pictures of the deities like Vinayaka and Krishna, and must keep on looking over that daily for some few minutes time. They should not consider simply that as a picture, but should understand that god itself is present in the picture. Small children are to be allowed by the parents to draw pictures of gods and goddesses in their leisure time, in order to spend their time productively as well as to get spiritual inspiration.

Parents must also make their children to be present at the time of performing of puja in their homes. They should tell wonderful stories of the deities and must motivate them by giving small gifts like dolls of Krishna and Vinayaka. Whenever they score high marks in their examinations, parents must present bhakti books on the almighty to their children. Practice makes a man perfect. If the children practices spirituality at their young age itself, then they would prosper in their life at their teenage itself, and during their old age, they would become dedicated spiritual personalities.

Other methods to develop bhakti in the minds of the people is by the way of visiting to the holy temples, performing bhajans, listening to divine discourses, watching bhakti videos in the YouTube channel, performing meditation, reading spiritual books and discussing about spiritual matters with the family members etc. By adopting all these methods, we would get goodness in our lives, through the grace of the almighty.


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