Taste the Essence of Bhakti

We must have to taste the essence of Bhakti in order to attain spiritual enlightenment. Bhakti gives lot of good changes in our life. We must always remember that without Bhakti there is no Mukti(Salvation). Bhakti cannot be attained within a short time. It must be developed in a step by step manner. Bhakti cannot […]

Become a Slave to Almighty

Similar to Lord Hanuman, we can also become slaves to the almighty. Ancient slaves who faithfully served their human bosses were suffered a lot, and they were hardly tortured by their masters. Female slaves were molested by their masters and they were roughly treated similar to the dogs, and they were not even offered proper […]

Various Ways to increase our Bhakti on God

There are various ways to increase our bhakti on the almighty. Keeping bhakti on the same level is not correct. We have to increase our bhakti day by day, and try to become similar to the Varkari saints like Tukaram, Meerabai, Sakkubai and Chokamela. We should not think that it is not possible for us […]

Sincere Bhakti on Almighty till our death

We have to Show our sincere bhakti on the almighty from our young age itself, since there is no certainty in our life, and at any time, anything can happen to us. With regard to bhakti, we can take Lord Hanuman as an example. Actually both Shiva and Vishnu contain supreme powers, and they are […]

Allocate some time to God | Importance of Worship

We are the human beings born in this earth, and everyone is suffering from some kind of problems, and some may suffer from big problems, other may suffer from small problems. No human beings are entirely living happily in this world. Is there is any solution for that? Yes! Solution is there and it is […]

The Nature of Devotion

As it is commonly found to-day, devotion is self-centered, superstition- redden and often anti social. People seek god’s grace for tiding over crises or for getting their desires fulfilled- better health, money, job promotions, passing examinations and the like. If the lord does not respond. He is rejected. In short, religion reduced to business proposition. […]

Which kind of devotee are you among three kinds of devotees

There are three kinds of devotees. The first kind is a devotee who keeps asking, ‘God give me this’, ‘God give me that.’ The second kind is a devotee who is always grateful, ‘Thank you God, you gave me this and you gave me that’, a devotee who is emotional, prayerful and keeps crying out […]