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Parashurama was the avatar of Lord Vishnu. He is known to be the most sincere devotee of Lord Shiva. He has controlled the power of Kshatriya, who began to abuse their power, and cause problems to the ordinary people and tortured them.


According to Hindu legends, Parashurama was the son of sage Jamadagni and his wife Renuka, and his birthplace is believed to be in Uttar Pradesh. They had a celestial wish fulfilling cow.A king named Kartaviryajuna had stolen their cow. When Parashurama learns about this crime, he fought and kills the king, and he returned with the holy cow.Sage Jamadagni has asked him to visit various holy temples, in order to eliminate the sin caused by killing the king. After Parashurama returns from pilgrimage, he was known that his father was killed by the warriors. Parashurama kills many warriors and finally, he had thrown all his weapons and takes up meditation.


Lord Parashurama was very affectionate towards his mother, father and his brothers.He never married and remained as a bachelor.

It is mentioned in various epics, that when Parashurama threw his axe into the sea, the land of Kerala arose.

According to holy texts, it is mentioned that, he kills his own mother, in order to obey his father’s orders since his father claims that she had committed a sin by having bad thoughts after seeing a Kandarva, while filling up the water in the vessel. Parasurama had regained his mother’s life through the boon given by his father.

He is also mentioned in the great epic Mahabharata, in which he acts as a teacher to Bhishma, Drona and Karna with regard to teaching arts related with handling various weapons at the battlefield.

It is believed that Parashurama is still living in the Mahendra Mountains, Odisha and doing penance, since he is considered as one among the seven chiranjeevis.

The region of Konkan is also considered to be the Parashurama Kshetra.

Every year, during winter season, several thousands of pilgrims are visiting the Parshuram Kund in Arunachal Pradesh, and have a dip in the kund, in order to get relieved from their sins.

Sree Parasurama Swami Templeis located in Thiruvallam, Kerala. It is the only temple in Kerala dedicated to Lord Parasurama.


Lord Parasurama, is an avatar of Lord Vishnu and also a Chiranjeevi is living in the earth, and doing penance for the well-being of the entire universe. Let us worship this great Vishnu Avatar, and be blessed.


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