Vehicles of Hindu Gods are very small animals, like Ganesha and Mouse, What does this signify

As per Hindu religious history, Gods’ vehicles (vahanams) very small animals, like Ganesha and his mouse & Subramanya and peacock, what does this signify? What is the importance of Gods’ vehicles in Hinduism? This is a question raised by a disciple in the Satsang of Pujya Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, founder of Art of Living. The reply of Guruji goes like this..

I have made a cassette by the name of ‘Ganesha Rahasya’, you must listen to that. I have given the explanation of all the symbols- the significance of the elephant, the mouse and everything else. Now I cannot take it up, it is too long. It is all very symbolic.

We say each God and Goddess go on a particular animal. Every animal brings down to the earth, certain vibrations, certain cosmic energy. So the scientists say that if even one animal is missing from this planet, the whole planet will collapse.

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