Significance of Planet Earth

Our planet earth is considered as a holy planet, since most of the Hindus consider the planet earth as Ma Bhudevi, the beloved consort of Lord Vishnu. Earth suffers from natural calamities like earth quake, storms, Tsunami and from floods, and even in those difficult situations,the earth mother Ma Bhudevi observes strict patience, and there […]

Visiting the Famous Temples of the World in Just 60 Days

By using the sophisticated technology, we can visit most of the famous temples in the world in just 60 days.We would have read the famous children’s novel, “Around the world in eighty days”, and in that story, the hero would be visiting the entire world within eighty days, and the story would be mentioned in […]

Significant Features of Hinduism

Hinduism is an ancient religion, and it contains lot of temples situated all over the world. Many great rishis and saints have been born as Hindus, and most of the ancient kings have contributed their wealth for the purpose of building temples, and they are considered as very pure and pious, and they had the […]

Why should we preserve our Culture?

The fact that the Vedic revelations have survived the tides of time so long testifies to some divine phenomenon catering to the material and spiritual aspirations of the people. Institutions engaged in the analytical study of these divine statements have been fascinated by the wealth of information, touching all aspects of society as well as […]

Dharma, the Code of Virtue in Hindus’ Daily Life

Dharma is the Code of Virtue in Hindus’ daily life. The most widely used word “Dharma” is not exactly definable. But broadly, it can be said to connote righteous duties, Divine ordinances, customary usage, certain ideals before mankind, justice, equity, good conduct or morality. It is commonly understood that those who follow it are bound to […]

Ashram (Hermitage) | Residence of Rishis in ancient times

Ashram also called as hermitage is the residence of the ancient Rishis and most of their ashrams are situated in Himalayan Mountain ranges. Rishi Durvasa had lived in his ashram on the banks of the Holy River Ma Yamuna and Rishyashringa is believed to have lived in his Ashram at Sringeri in Karnataka, and some […]

Usage of Bad words

Usage of bad words is a common act which occurs all over the world. Though it is considered as a bad practice, still many of us are using the bad words by way of expressing our hatred speech over others. But doing such an act is not liked by the great almighty, and due to […]

Amritam | Divine Nectar of Immortality

Amritam is the divine drink which gives “immortality” to those who consume it.It is also mentioned as the divine nectar, and it contains good taste. “Amritam” is mentioned in the Rigveda, and it is the special drink of the demigods in the heaven. Amritam was brought by Lord Dhanvantari in a golden pot, an incarnation […]

Divine Touch

Divine touch means getting the spiritual touch from the almighty. Ancient sages and saints have got the divine touch and divine embracement due to their sincere bhakti on the almighty. Several rishis and kings like Sage Bhrigu, Markandeya, Periyalvar, Malayathvaja Pandiyan and Akash Raj have got the opportunity to serve to the divine incarnations of […]

Upasaka | Aradhak | Bhakt | Devotee | Worshipper

Upasaka means devoting to a particular god or goddess throughout his/her life time. When a staunch devotee worships his favourite god by chanting the god’s names / mantras, on a daily basis, with full of bhakti in his mind, he is called as Upasaka. Sri Ramakrishna was an ardent devotee of Kali Ma, and he […]

Our Actions and God’s Reactions

Daily we are reading in newspapers and TV Channels that some people are unnecessarily torturing the people, and also sometimes they are killing the people. Apart from that, we are hearing the news about suicidal deaths, deaths due to fire accidents and death caused by enemies. Whenever we read the news from the media, we […]

Divine Owner

God is the owner of all of our belongings, whether it may be a house, car, fridge, television, washing machine etc. He is the true divine owner, who has let out all these things to us for some time in our life time. After the passage of time, and after our death, by the wishes […]

Temple Elephants

Some Hindu temples are maintaining elephants since ancient times. Elephants are brought up in the temples, in order to participate in the temple festivals, and to carry the idol of the deities on their backs during divine processions. Elephants in temples like Parthasarathy Swamy temple, Srirangam temple and Guruvayur temple are properly tamed and provided […]

Cleaning Temple Tanks

Participating in temple related activities is a noble task, and especially if we clean the temples and the temple tanks, we would get goodness in our life, and mainly our mind related problems would be cured, and we would get fresh energy in our mind and body. Whenever we want to clean the temple tank, […]

Divine Musical Instruments

Hindu divine musical instruments are very famous since they relate to the Hindu Gods and Goddesses. Mata Saraswati is holding Veena in her hands, Lord Krishna is holding flute and the holy conch in his hands, Lord Nandi would play the drums, when Lord Shiva dances in the divine mountain Kailash. Sages Narada and Tumburu […]

Religious tolerance unique to Hinduism

India has cradled several systems of philosophy. The tenets of all religions are tolerated, and even a man who denigrates God is allowed to have his say. Among the believers of God, there is plenty of scope to pursue paths of their choice. Siva, vishnu, Muruga and other forms are worshipped and different shades of opinion prevail […]

Unquie Features of Hinduism (Sanatana Dharma)

We have the rare privilege of being born as human beings and we desire to live happily in this world. Pain and sorrow, trials and tribulations, these provide the incentive to thin about the course of our lives, about the cause of our griefs, and the way to overcome them. Our present troubles are the efface of […]