Why should we preserve our Culture?

The fact that the Vedic revelations have survived the tides of time so long testifies to some divine phenomenon catering to the material and spiritual aspirations of the people. Institutions engaged in the analytical study of these divine statements have been fascinated by the wealth of information, touching all aspects of society as well as […]

Dharma, the Code of Virtue in Hindus’ Daily Life

Dharma is the Code of Virtue in Hindus’ daily life. The most widely used word “Dharma” is not exactly definable. But broadly, it can be said to connote righteous duties, Divine ordinances, customary usage, certain ideals before mankind, justice, equity, good conduct or morality. It is commonly understood that those who follow it are bound to […]

Religious tolerance unique to Hinduism

India has cradled several systems of philosophy. The tenets of all religions are tolerated, and even a man who denigrates God is allowed to have his say. Among the believers of God, there is plenty of scope to pursue paths of their choice. Siva, vishnu, Muruga and other forms are worshipped and different shades of opinion prevail […]

Unquie Features of Hinduism (Sanatana Dharma)

We have the rare privilege of being born as human beings and we desire to live happily in this world. Pain and sorrow, trials and tribulations, these provide the incentive to thin about the course of our lives, about the cause of our griefs, and the way to overcome them. Our present troubles are the efface of […]