Divine Touch

radhe krishna wallpapers

radhe krishna wallpapers

Divine touch means getting the spiritual touch from the almighty. Ancient sages and saints have got the divine touch and divine embracement due to their sincere bhakti on the almighty. Several rishis and kings like Sage Bhrigu, Markandeya, Periyalvar, Malayathvaja Pandiyan and Akash Raj have got the opportunity to serve to the divine incarnations of Mata Parvati and Lakshmi, as their holy father, and they got the divine touch from the divine goddesses.

In the previous Dwapara Yuga, all the gopikas and the Yadavas have got the divine touch of Lord Krishna, and through that, they got enlightenment.

We are all humans, and everyone is having good as well as bad behaviour. Mostly we are controlling our senses and our bad thoughts and we are trying to act as good persons. By that way, we are acting before others, and we are pretending as if we are all good. But in everybody’s mind, a devil is residing permanently. And sometimes, due to our bad fate, if the devil makes us to act in the wrong path, definitely, we would commit lot of crimes. The only way to get rid of the devil from our soul is to keep on worshipping the almighty, and we must have to ask him, to remove the badness in our minds, and to show us the spiritual path.

From the real life incident of Sri MahaPeriyava of Kanchi Mutt, we can know about his interaction with the Divine Child goddess “BALA TRIPURA SUNDARI”. It is believed that during the performance of the Shivapuja, she would be seated in the lap of MahaPeriyava, smile at him, and would offer her blessings to him. It was happened due to his simplicity, holiness and for being lived as a true saint. Kanchi MahaPeriyava’s thoughts are based only on spiritual aspects, he used to eat simple food, and he has fully controlled his senses, and remained as a strict bachelor and a holy saint throughout his life.

But the thoughts of the present day people are getting diverted due to their spending too much time on watching to the social media, and due to their interest in the matters of the other people. Even though most of the people are the worshippers of god, but their regular habits and living pattern must be changed. Apart from spending their time in offices and in their homes, they must have to allocate some time to meditate on the god, and to control their mind, by doing yoga.

People also must study the vast ocean of our Hindu Scriptures, by allocating some time, in their daily life. By doing that, we would get the blessings of the gods, goddesses, saints, sages and the holy avatars.

If we are perfect in our life, and if we have purity in our mind, by the grace of the almighty, we could also get the divine vision of the almighty, and also can have his divine touch. Once if the almighty touches our body, our entire sins would be removed, we would be blessed, and we would attain salvation after our death.


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