Padmavathi Karthika Brahmotsavam 2019 | Tiruchanur Padmavati Ammavari Karteeka Brahmotsavalu

Padmavathi Ammavari karthika Brahmotsavam are held during Kartika masam in Tiruchanur temple dedicated to Goddess Padmavati. In 2019, Padmavati Devi Kartika brahmotsavam starts on November 23 and ends on December 2. Brahmotsavam begins with Ankurarpana and Dwajarohanam and ends with Chakra Snanam and Dwajavarohanam. The most important days in Karthika Brahmotsavams are – Garuda Vahana […]

Tirupati Kapileshwara Swamy Temple Theppotsavam 2020 (Plavotsavam)

Theppotsavam (Plavotsavam) observed in Tirupati Kapileshwara Swamy Temple is one of the jubilant festivals of the temple. In 2020, it begins on 5 January and ends on 9 January. Tirupati Kapileshwara Swamy Temple Theppotsavam is celebrated in Dhanurmasam Panchahnika Utsavams. Here is the detailed schedule Sunday, 5 January 2020 – Sri Vighneshwara, Chandrashekhara Swamy vari Teppotsavam […]

Annabhishekam in Kapileswara Swamy Temple, 12 November 2019

In connection with Karthika Deepotsavam on November 12, Annabhishekam will be performed in Tirupati Sri Kapileswara Swamy temple on Monday. As a part of this auspicious occasion, Suddhodaka Abhishekam will be performed from 11am till 12 noon, Annabhishekam from 12 noon till 2:30pm. Later the devotees will be allowed for Annalinga Darshanam from 4pm till […]

Karthika Vanabhojanam in Tirumala, 17 November 2019

Karthika Vanabhojanam in Tirumala, 17 November 2019.. TTD is all set to observe Karthika Vanabhojana Mahotsavam on November 17 at Paruveta Mandapam. On this special occasion, TTD will organise mass community dining programme in the lush green forests of Seshachalam, covered with Amla trees. It is widely believed that Lord Sri Maha Vishnu and Goddess […]

Narayanavanam Temple Teppotsavams 2019 (Plavotsavams)

Narayanavanam Temple Teppotsavams 2019 (Plavotsavams) begins on 8 November and ends on 12 November 2019. The five-day annual float festival in the famous sub-shrine of Narayanavanam will be observed from November 8 to 12 in a big manner. Every day morning there snapana tirumanjanam will be performed to utsava murthies. The Teppotsavams will be observed […]

‘Panchami Teertham’ in Tiruchanoor Padmavathi Brahmotsavams

TTD has made all arrangements for the smooth and successful conduction of Panchami Thirtham on December 1, 2019, marking the conclusion of the nine day long Karthika Brahmotsavams at Tiruchanoor. Speaking to reporters during Kalpavruksha vahanam of Goddess Padmavati, the EO said queue lines; barricades and other engineering works were underway for the Panchami Thirtham […]

Ashtottara Shata Kundatmaka Srinivasa Mahayagam in Srinivasa Mangapuram Temple

Ashtottara Shata Kundatmaka Srinivasa Mahayagam in Srinivasa Mangapuram Sri Kalyana Venkateshwara Swamy Temple from October 16 to October 18, 2019. శ్రీ‌నివాస‌మంగాపురం శ్రీ క‌ల్యాణ వేంక‌టేశ్వ‌ర‌స్వామివారి ఆల‌యంలో అక్టోబ‌రు 16 నుండి 18వ తేదీ వ‌ర‌కు జ‌రుగ‌నున్న అష్టోత్త‌ర శ‌త‌కుండాత్మ‌క శ్రీ‌నివాస మ‌హా యాగం గోడ‌ప‌త్రిక‌లు, క‌ర‌ప‌త్రాల‌ను టిటిడి తిరుప‌తి జెఈవో శ్రీ పి.బ‌సంత్‌కుమార్  ఆవిష్క‌రించారు. తిరుప‌తిలోని టిటిడి ప‌రిపాల‌న భ‌వ‌నంలోని జెఈవో కార్యాల‌యంలో శుక్ర‌వారం ఉద‌యం ఈ కార్య‌క్ర‌మం […]

Amnakshi Temple Brahmotsavams 2019 | Avanakshamma Temple Narayanavanam

The temple management of Tirumala Tirupathi Devasthanams is set to observe annual fete in the famous temple of Goddess Avanakshamma who is also popularly known as Amnakshi Amma, located in Narayanavanam in Chittor district from September 30 to 8 October 2019 in a grand manner. This temple is under the management of TTD since 1967. […]

Seshapuram Seshachala Lingeswara Swamy Temple Navaratri 2019

In Seshapuram Sri Seshachala Lingeswara Swamy Temple, Dasara Navaratri is being celebrated from 29 September to 8 October 2019. Ammavari Alankara Kramam in Dasara Navaratri 2019 29 September 2019 – Umamaheshwari Devi Alankaram 30 September 2019 – Balatripurasundari Devi Alankaram 1 October 2019 – Gayatri Devi Alankaram 2 October 2019 – Annapurna Devi Alankaram 3 […]

Tummuru Navaratri 2019 | Kariyamanikya Swamy Temple, Neelakanteswara Temple Dasara Navaratri

Sri Devi Navaratri Utsavams have begun in Tummuru Temples (Kariyamanikya Swamy Temple, Neelakanteswara temple on 29 September 2019). On this occasion, in the morning, Ankurarpana and Kalasha Sthapana were observed. Ammavari Alankara Kramam for Dasara Sharan Navaratri 2019 29 September 2019 – Parvati Devi Alankaram 30 September 2019 – Balatripurasundari Devi Alankaram 1 October 2019 […]

Upamaka Temple Brahmotsvams 2019

The ancient temple of Sridevi Bhudevi Sametha Sri Venakteswara Swamy temple, in Upamaka Village at Visakhapatnam is all set ready for the annual brahmotsavams from 29 September to October 8. The nine day fete in this newly taken over temple of Upamaka will commence with Ankurarpanam on September 29 and end on October 8. The […]

Devuni Kadapa Narasimhaswamy Temple Navaratri Utsavams 2019

TTD has set ready to organize the Navaratri festivities from September 29 to October 8 at the TTD sub-temple of Sri Lakshmi Venkateswara in Devuni Kadapa, in YSR Kadapa District. As a part of the festival, there will be snapana thirumanjanam in the morning and Veedhi utsavam in the evening every day which includes Garuda […]

Bangalore Venkateshwara Swamy Temple Pavitrotsavams

Bangalore Venkateshwara Swamy Temple Pavitrotsavams will be held in September 2019. From September 25 to 27, 2019, TTD will celebrate Pavitrotsavams at Venkateshwara Swamy Temple in Bangalore, Karnataka. సెప్టెంబ‌రు 25 నుండి 27వ తేదీ వరకు బెంగళూరులోని శ్రీ వేంకటేశ్వరస్వామివారి ఆలయంలో పవిత్రోత్సవాలు తిరుపతి, 2019 సెప్టెంబరు 21: టిటిడి పరిధిలోని బెంగళూరులో గల శ్రీ వేంకటేశ్వరస్వామివారి ఆలయంలో సెప్టెంబ‌రు 25 నుండి 27వ తేదీ […]

Mandapams in Tirumala Temple – Architectural Wonders

The lush green forests of Seshachala houses, world famous Hindu deity Sri Venkateswara Swamy, who is also revered as Perumal, Venkatachalapati, Tirumalesa, Govinda, Balaji and many more names. Mandapams: The ancient temple of Lord Venkateswara in the hill shrine of Tirumala is an amazing complex of history, culture and traditions. Almost every brick speaks volumes […]

TTD invites Applications for Dhanurmasam Tiruppavai Lectures

TTD has invited applications from well known Vedic pundits proficient in Vaishnava philosophy for rendering Thiruppavai lectures during Dhanurmasam from December 17-January 14, 2020. The lectures are conducted across the country under the aegis of TTD Alwar Divya Prabandam Project. Interested pundits are asked to apply from 15 September – October 15 to Special Officer, […]

TTD offers Silk Vastrams to Kanipakam Varasiddhi Vinayaka Swamy Temple

As a traditional practice, silk vastrams were offered to Sri Varasiddhi Vinayaka Swamy temple in Kanipakam on Sunday by TTD EO Sri Anil Kumar Singhal. On his arrival, TTD EO was given warm reception by Kanipakam temple Executive Sri Demullu. The annual brahmotsavams are underway in Kanipakam temple located in Chittoor. After darshan, TTD EO […]

Sadhu Subrahmanya Shastri Vardhanti – 10 September 2019

TTD plans to organise the 38th Death Anniversary of renowned epigraphist Sri Sadhu Subramanya Shastri on September 10. Floral tributes to his bronze statue at SVETA Bhavan will be offered in Tirupati. Sri Sadhu Subramanyam Shastri rendered impeccable services to TTD as first Peishkar and also as an Epigraphist and translated 1167 copper plate inscriptions […]

Devuni Kadapa Temple Pavitrotsavams 2019

TTD is geared to conduct Pavitrotsavam at Sri Lakshmi Venkateswara temple, Devuni Kadapa from September 11-13 and Ankurarpanam on September 10 evening. As part of the event, the artists of TTDs Dasa Sahitya Project HDPP and Annamacharya Project will perform harikatha, Kolatas, bhajans, Bhakti sangeet Program. ISSUED BY THE PUBLIC RELATION OFFICER, TTDs TIRUPATI సెప్టెంబరు […]

Anantha Padmanabha Vratham in Tirumala Temple – 12 September 2019

As a part of its annual practice the TTD plans to grandly organise Ananta Padmanabha Swamy vratam on Bhadrapada Shukla Chaturdashi day on September 12, 2019. The anthropomorphic form of Sri Sudarshana Chakrathalwar will be rendered Chakra Snanam in Swami Pushkarani on Thursday morning and will return to the Srivari temple. Senior TTD officials and […]

Significant Growth in Tirumala Tirupati Temple Gold donations, Hundi offerings

Significant Growth in TTD offerings – Gold offerings, hundi collections.. DONATIONS, SRIVARI HUNDI AND GOLD OFFERINGS SHOWS SIGNIFICANT GROWTH. The current financial year has been very exciting, as the gold, silver, donations and Srivari Hundi offerings recorded significant growth in Tirumala than the previous years, said TTD EO Sri Anil Kumar Singhal. Speaking to media […]