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Sant Dnyaneshwar Maharaj Palkhi 2018 Schedule

Sant Dnyaneshwar Maharaj Palkhi 2018 Schedule for Pandharpur Waari Yatra 2018 (Ashadi Ekadashi Yatra) is given here.

Sant Dnyaneshwar Palkhi begins on 6 July 2018 from Alandi and reaches Pandharpur on 22 July 2018.

Here is the detailed schedule of Sant Dnyaneshwar Palkhi procession – including the details like the venues for morning halt, lunch break, afternoon halt and night halt.

Sant Tukaram Maharaj Palkhi Schedule 2018..

We will update the information about Dnyaneshwar Maharaj Palkhi Sohala 2018 (Alandi to Pandharpur) & Sri Sant Dnyaneshwar Maharaj Alandi – Pandharpur Palkhi Schedule 2018 very soon..

Distances and Route Map of Dnyaneshwar Maharaj Palkhi

Alandi to Pune : 26.04 kms
Alandi (Gandhiwada) to Thorlya Paduka 0.6 kms to Thorlya Paduka to Bhosari Phata 0.6 kms to Bhosari Phata to Dighi: 7.07 kms to to Mhaske Vasti 11.02 kms to R & D factory 11.08 kms to Sathe Biscuit 12.07 kms to Phule Nagar Datta Mandir 14.02 kms to Highway, Bajaj Garden 17.09 kms to Wakade Wadi 18.09 kms to Engineering College Square 19.06 kms to Mhasoba Gate 20.09 kms to Dnyaneshwar Paduka Chowk 21.04 kms to Tukaram Paduka Chowk 21.06 kms to Lakadi Pul 23.06 kms to Bhawani Peth 26.04 kms.

Pune to Sanswad : 29.09 kms
Bhawani Peth to Shinde Chhatri 03.07 kms to Hadapsar 08.02 kms to Urali 13.01 kms to Wadki Nala 17.05 kms to Zendewadi 21.08 to Sanswad 29.09 kms

Sanswad to Jejuri : 18.02 kms
Sanswad to Jakat Naka 01.05 kms to Borake Mala 04.00 kms to Yamai Shiwari 09.03 kms to Sakurdi 13.07 kms to Jejuri 18.02 kms

Jejuri to Walhe : 13.06 kms
Jujuri to Daundaj Shiv 05.01 kms to Daundaj 08.09 to Walhe Shala 12.08 kms to to Main Road 13.00 kms to Walhe 13.06 kms

Walhe to Lonand : 18.06 kms
Walhe to Pimpri Khurd 05.01 kms to Neera 1.08 kms to Railway Phata 15.08 kms to Lonand Pul 17.02 kms to Lonand 18.06 kms

Lonand to Taradgaon Tal : 09.80 kms
Lonand to Chandobacha Limba to ST Stand 08.00 kms to Taradgaon Tal 09.080 kms

Taradgaon Tal to Phaltan : 21.06 kms
Taradgaon to Kaalaj 04.02 kms to Surwadi 09.03 kms to Nimbhore Odha 11.07 kms to Wadaj 14.00 kms to Phaltan 21.06 kms

Phaltan to Barad : 18.06 kms
Phaltan to Widni 06.08 kms to Pimparad 11.09 kms to Nimbalak Phata 14.08 kms to Barad 18.06 kms

Barad to Natepute : 20.03 kms
Barad to Sadhubowancha Odha 05.04 kms to Solapur Ves 07.08 kms to Dharmapuri Canal 11.00 kms to Shingnapur Phata 15.09 kms to Natepute 20.03 kms

Natepute to Welapur : 16.06 kms
Natepute to Khudus Phata 04.06 kms to Winzori 09.03 kms to Dhawa 15.07 kms to Welapur 16.06 kms.

Welapur to Bhandishegaon : 16.03 kms
Welapur to Thakurbuwa Samadhi 4.08 kms. to Tondale 8.03 kms. to Dhawaa 11.03 kms. to Bhadishegaon 16.03 kms

Bhandishegaon to Wakhri : 08.00 kms
Bhandishegaon to Ringan 04.04 to Wakhri 08.00 kms

Wakhri to Pandharpur- 06.07 kms
Wakhri to Paduka 03.05 kms to Pandharpur 06.07 kms

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