Lets Stay Away from Bad people

Let’s stay far away from the company of bad people, in order to avoid unnecessary problems in our life. As per the famous proverb in Tamil, “Dushtanai Kandaal Doora Vilagu”, whenever you see the face of the bad people, immediately separate yourself from them. Bad people are to be considered only as bad ones, and […]

9 Tips To Face Your Mistakes & Move Ahead

Spontaneity is the sign of a vibrant life, and you can’t be spontaneous if you are brooding over your mistakes. When you are spontaneous, you don’t chew on the past. You don’t chew on your mistakes or the mistakes of others. You must remember – it is not only fools who make mistakes, the wise also make […]

Change is the Only Constant in the World

Change is the only constant in the world. Those who have lived a luxurious life style previously, now lives a saintly life, and for this, the great Prahlada acts as a best example. Most of us are aware that Sri Prahlada was a staunch devotee of Lord Vishnu, and through his grace, he has ruled […]

Life after Death in Hinduism

Generally each and every human being would think about their life after death? Whether they are rich or poor, good or bad, healthy or unhealthy, that doesn’t matter, but some time or other time, definitely they would think about that, since no one can escape from the hands of the death god, Lord Yama Dharma […]

What is there in Life?

Most of the people whenever they are in dull mood, they used to tell, “What is there in life”. Actually life is meant for enjoying the things around us, like watching the early morning sun rise and the evening sun set, watching our feathered friends, lovely animals, crawling insects and many more in the world. […]

Let God Give Small Problems Everyday So That We Remember Him Forever

Yes. It is true. Once, if we suffer at least from some sort of small problems in our everyday life, then only we would remember the god, or otherwise we would forget about him totally. When Lord Krishna was ready to grant the boon, Ma Kunti has asked Krishna to give some small problems as […]

Grandma Stories

Grandma stories are very famous among the young children. With their vast experience, the old grandmother would tell wonderful bhakti stories about Bhakta Prahalada, Dhruva and Markandeya, to their grandchildren and also to their friends, mostly during weekends, in the evenings by having a cup of coffee or tea with some snacks, but at this […]

Swami Roadshows

Similar to conducting road shows for marketing business products, we could also conduct road shows to popularise the significance of our precious Hindu deities, all over India. This can be done by placing the pictures of our deities along with the spiritual books and Spiritual Music Videos and Audios in a mobile van, on the […]

Retirement Homes

Nowadays Retirement Homes are being built by the builders exclusively designed for the benefit of Senior Citizens. The term Retirement Homes cannot be get confused with some old aged homes, which provide services exclusively for the sake of the poor people. Retirement Homes are just like other ordinary Homes, but with the exception of providing […]

Who Am I

The term, “Who Am I”, means analysing us, and finding out the ways to know about our own characteristics. In terms of spiritual parlance, the term, “Who Am I”, means, finding out the ways to attain the glory of the god, and also to find the god on our soul, this term also can be […]

Selfish World

The present day world is covered with full of selfishness. Most of the people are aiming only for their own personal gain, and they never think about the welfare of others. Those who help others must not expect anything in return for that, since whoever we help, after utilising our help, might throw us like […]

Write Will as per your Will

We must always write the will (UYIL) only as per our will, or otherwise during the time of our death, unnecessary worries would arise in our mind. Lord Sattanathar is considered to be the god of Law, and hence before writing the will, we must have to sincerely pray to Lord Sattanathar, and then only […]

Lets Enjoy Every Moment of Our Life

Let us enjoy each and every moment of our precious life, and let us thank god for each and every second, for being gifted such a wonderful life to us. Worried life is like a buried life, whereas happy life is really a blessed life. Most of us would be wondering how to lead a […]

Blessing Quotes | Blessings in Hinduism

There are lot of blessing quotes in our Hinduism, and it would be used especially by our grandparents. Whenever the grandchildren fall at the feet of the grandparents, they would bless and tell to them, “Ayushman Bhava”, which means live a long and blessed life. When a woman falls down at the feet of her […]

Don’t poke your nose in others matters

Don’t poke your nose on others matters, since it would lead to lot of misunderstandings, hatred and enmity also would be developed with others. First of all, finding solutions for our problems is very difficult in such situations there is no need to intervene with others personal matters. In general, people are having lot of […]

Dont Break your Head for Small Small Things in Life

We should not break our head for small, small things in our life. Some people would get very angry even for small, small matters and would shout on others. According to an ancient proverb, “A wise man must always maintain patience in his life, in order to come forward in his life”. Some students might […]

Life is Not a Bed of Roses

Our life is not a bed of roses. Those ancient kings, who laid down in the bed of roses, are not alive right now. Even during their time, they faced problems from their enemy kings, from their own people and from their relatives. Nobody lives a full-fledged peaceful life till their death. Even the divine […]

Life After 60

Most of us are thinking that life after 60 would be boring. But still some people begin a fresh life after 60. We can see that most of the politicians have crossed their 60th age, and still they look very active, doing wonderful things and acts as an example for others. But nowadays, some people […]

Nothing is Permanent

Nothing is permanent in our life. Our belongings, our parent, wife, children, relatives and our well- wishers are not permanent. Most of the people are not realizing this, and they are accumulating their wealth for several generations. Some people would tell if they die, then nobody would take care of their wife and children. Their […]

Nothing would come along with us after our death

Nothing would come along with us after our death. According to the sayings of the great saint Sri Pattinathar, even an ear less needle would not accompany along with us after our death. Though Pattinathar was born in a rich family, due to his spiritual thirst, he left his home and become a Shaivite saint. […]