Selfish World

The present day world is covered with full of selfishness. Most of the people are aiming only for their own personal gain, and they never think about the welfare of others. Those who help others must not expect anything in return for that, since whoever we help, after utilising our help, might throw us like the waste dust bins.

Young lovers would help each other, but sometimes, some girls/boys after utilising the help of their so-called lovers, would forget about them, and would try to distance themselves from them. Likewise, if we give any money in the form of loan to others, we must have to consider it only as a donation, since nowadays it is very difficult to recover the loan amount from the borrowers.

As per the sayings of Lord Krishna in his Bhagavat Gita Teachings, “Hey Partha, whatever things you are willing to do in favour of others, do it in my name, then, you would never think about the greatness of help you have rendered it to others. People would become selfish in course of time, and whatever you give it to others, please do it in my name then you would never get frustrated, even if the beneficiary hates you! Similar to the mother who showers her unconditional and selfless love on her children, you show your love to others then you would never get the feeling of being cheated, even if you have been cheated by others”.

At this present scenario, most of the things would turn into unfavourable, especially to the good ones, since we are living in the most dreaded “KALI YUGA”. Dharma would not be followed by most of the people in the earth, and most of the people would be interested only to fill up their own belly. Turning the selfish world into selfless is highly impossible, since according to the Yuga Dharma, even the god cannot change the attitudes of the people, but he would surely worry about the sufferings of the people in the world.

Hence, whatever help we might render it to others, let us do it favourably without expecting any benefit from that. Even if you want to spread the significance of your loved ones, don’t do it with an expectation, instead, of that, do it like your duty, then even if you have been neglected by your loved ones, then you would never get frustrated by their nature.

Hence, let us forget about the present day, “SELFISH WORLD”, and instead of that, let us keep thinking about the lotus eyed little boy Krishna, by involving ourselves with full of spiritual thoughts on him.


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