Retirement Homes

Nowadays Retirement Homes are being built by the builders exclusively designed for the benefit of Senior Citizens. The term Retirement Homes cannot be get confused with some old aged homes, which provide services exclusively for the sake of the poor people.

Retirement Homes are just like other ordinary Homes, but with the exception of providing wide range of facilities to the senior citizens, like providing food at an affordable rate, library, gymnasium, security, multi-purpose hall, temples etc.

In all the Retirement Homes, the people who lives in these places, must have to pay monthly maintenance charges, but it would vary from place to place, based on the location and size of the homes.

Instead of buying ordinary apartments, the senior citizens can buy the “Retirement Homes”, in order to enjoy the facilities offered to them. Those who are alone and those who suffer from any ailments, then the management of Retirement Homes itself would provide necessary staffs to stay along with the Senior Citizens, and for that, the Senior Citizens must have to pay the prescribed amount to the management. These types of Homes ideally suits for those whose children works in abroad, or those who are unmarried or those who doesn’t have any children. The present day seniors who lives in these types of homes, do not feel ashamed of staying at these places, since they find more comfortable in staying at these places than that of staying at their children’s home. We can purchase a single bedroom apartment in Retirement Homes at a minimum amount of Rs.2500000 somewhere in the outskirts of the City. In some Retirement Homes, Yoga and Meditation classes would also be conducted, in order to keep the Senior Citizens in good health.

Wherever we stay, whether it is a small or big place, unless if we didn’t have peace of mind, then it is very difficult to survive in our life, hence we should make it as our daily habit of offering our sincere prayers to the almighty, and that alone would give us good peace of mind. In most of the Retirement Homes, only seniors above 50 are eligible to purchase, but in some homes, people even in the age group of above 40 are eligible to purchase and occupy it.Before 30 years ago, there are no Retirement Homes, since only few of the children would go to abroad for the sake of employment, but now as the significance of money increases day by day, most of the present generation young age people prefer to get settle down in any of the foreign countries.

Still some senior people consider themselves as young age people, and they used to walk briskly inside the campus of Retirement Homes, since the old age issues affects only the body and not the soul.In some Retirement Homes which are situated in remote areas, the problem of stray dogs would be there, and those who walk alone without a stick or without biscuit packets, would be subjected to dog attacks and dog bites. Hence in such cases, seniors must always take the help of someone before walking down in the streets.

Let us pray to the almighty to give a prosperous and a blessed life to all those people who stay at the Retirement Homes.


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