What is there in Life?

Most of the people whenever they are in dull mood, they used to tell, “What is there in life”. Actually life is meant for enjoying the things around us, like watching the early morning sun rise and the evening sun set, watching our feathered friends, lovely animals, crawling insects and many more in the world. We can also enjoy our life by travelling to various different, different places, photographing new, new things, enjoying the paddy fields, watching the smile of the farmers, giving a pleasing smile to the barking dogs, and hugging up the child of the road side dwellers etc.

We can’t change our life as per our will. Our fate has been already written by the god, and we cannot go beyond the fate, and there is no use in questioning the god for our ill fate also. We should understand that god always shows gentleness on us, and we should remember that for our every suffering there would be some reason behind it.

If we take the life history of the big entrepreneur like the Apple Software Owner, initially he worked in small companies, but, after he has been chased out from those companies, he generated lot of fire on his body, and out of his own interest and enthusiasm, slowly he began to set up his own business empire in the world. And in course of time, he became a big business giant. Likewise, if we go through the life history of “Alexander the Great”, initially he owned only a small empire, then, out of his will power and valour, he bravely fought with many kings, and expanded his empire. But since he died at his young age, he couldn’t conquer the whole world. If he would have been alive, then surely he would become the King for the entire world.

Our human life contains full of challenges, sufferings and pains. Nobody would lead their life with 100% satisfaction, since most of us are very much interested in this material world, and we are also aiming to increase our age limit, in order to enjoy the worldly pleasures more and more.

As the Bhagavat Gita Teachings of Lord Krishna, he tells, “Hey my Dear Arjuna, don’t show more and more attention on worldly affairs and don’t get addicted in enjoying physical pleasures, since all these are highly perishable in nature. The only thing which is always permanent is by reciting my names, singing my glories, chanting my divine mantras, and offering your sincere prayers to me. Nothing would come along with you, but, only your bhakti and your good karmic deeds would come along with your soul. Those who keep high respect on me need not worry about their death related fear, and even at the time of death, their life would be taken by the attendants of Lord Yama Bhagavan in a highly respectable manner”.


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