Dont Break your Head for Small Small Things in Life

We should not break our head for small, small things in our life. Some people would get very angry even for small, small matters and would shout on others. According to an ancient proverb, “A wise man must always maintain patience in his life, in order to come forward in his life”. Some students might have not done well in their examinations, and during their holidays, they would be keep on thinking about that, and some might commit suicides also. As per a newspaper report, one girl had committed suicide, by thinking that she would fail in her examinations, but after the results were announced, it was found that she scored well in her exams. Due to unnecessary panic, that young lotus flower had lost its life.

Some people would make frequent fights with their family members, and sometimes they would even hit their head on the wall, and would really break their own head due to tensions. In general, our life is filled up with full of tensions only. Most of the people are committing suicides based on tensions only. Tensions would sometimes force us to go to police stations also. Few years back, a north Indian guy had killed his wife through a vegetable cutting knife, since she didn’t prepare delicious food for him. He has done this, after a heated argument occurred between him and his wife. If he maintained patience at that time, then a human life would have been saved.

If we go through the great epic Ramayana, Lord Rama never gets tensed at any point of time. Even when he was asked to live in the forest for 14 years, he willfully agreed and went out from his kingdom cheerfully. The great child devotee Prahalada didn’t get tensed when his father Hiranyakasipu punished him severely. Likewise the Pandavas maintained strict patience even when they lost everything in their life, and went to the forest. They prayed to Lord Krishna, and hence, in course of time, they have got back everything in their life again.

By studying these holy characters, we can also develop more patience in our life, and must stop breaking our head for small, small things in our life. Our life is very precious. There are many things to do in our life but by the way of getting tensions we are losing a lot in our life. Hence let us pray to Lord Krishna to give more patience in our lives.


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