Life is Not a Bed of Roses

Our life is not a bed of roses. Those ancient kings, who laid down in the bed of roses, are not alive right now. Even during their time, they faced problems from their enemy kings, from their own people and from their relatives. Nobody lives a full-fledged peaceful life till their death. Even the divine gods like Indra, Varuna and Vayu faced problems from the demons and for some time they have lost their kingdom. If we read the life history of Rama and Krishna, we can understand that how they have suffered from problems, and how they have tackled it in a nice manner.

But most of us, want to lay down only in the bed of roses, and we didn’t want to walk in the path of thorns. Our life is filled up with a mixture of happiness as well as sorrows, and nobody can enjoy happiness permanently in their lives. The great Pandavas suffered a lot in the first half of their life, and then the remaining period of life were spend happily by them. Even though, Lord Krishna was with them, due to their fate, they have faced many hardships in their lives.

The great Krishnadevaraya who ruled the Vijayanagara Empire in a nice manner during the 16th century, had lived a luxurious life style, and he has constructed beautiful palaces for him. But after his death, and in course of time, his palaces were destroyed by the enemy kings, and now we can see only the left over ruins of that palace. Likewise the great Prahalada had built a famous Narasimha Temple at Multan in Pakistan, before few thousand years ago. But it was completely destroyed by some miscreants, and now we cannot see the beautiful temple at that place.

Ancient kings lived a luxurious life style, and they used to enjoy lot of physical pleasures and comforts in their lives. But that was lasted for them only till their death. After their death, they didn’t take anything with them, and they cannot enjoy the luxuries any more in their life. Hence by keeping all these things in our mind, we should not enjoy too much of pleasures and comforts in our lives, since these type of activities would perish in course of time.

We have to consider both happiness and sorrows as alike, and must concentrate our attention on the mighty Lord Krishna, about his miracles, about his lovely smile, about his affection on us, about his divine touch with the lovely Gopikas. Lord Krishna is patiently waiting for our call, and based on our bhakti on him, he is ready to take us to his abode, in order to grant salvation to us.


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