Write Will as per your Will

We must always write the will (UYIL) only as per our will, or otherwise during the time of our death, unnecessary worries would arise in our mind. Lord Sattanathar is considered to be the god of Law, and hence before writing the will, we must have to sincerely pray to Lord Sattanathar, and then only we must have to start doing the job of writing the will. Wealthy people can donate some portion of land to temples/charitable institutions/schools, and they can do this by the way of writing the will.

Instead of writing the will in the names of the cruel sons/bad relatives, the will could be written in favour of the temples like Ayyappa and Panduranga, since most of these temples, would combine social services along with the temple related activities.

Some people would die even before writing the will. In those cases, if they have appointed nominees for their wealth, then those nominees could enjoy the wealth after their death. Ancient kings though they have donated lot of lands for temples, by the way of writing a proper will, even, then, some portion of lands were acquired by the government by stating some reasons.

The situation of childless couples is very difficult, since most of their relatives would pressurise them to write the will in favour of them. Sometimes will would be written forcefully, and the owner of the wealth would sign it under tough situations even to their enemies. In general, we must consider, that whatever wealth we have, are originally belongs to god only. God only gives a portion of his wealth to us, in order to make us to lead a comfortable living. But most of us are not recognising that, and we used to think, that whatever we have, belongs only to us.

Our human life is purely temporary. We could have read in newspapers, that some VIP’s have written will in favour of Sri Venkateswara Temple, Tirumala, as a token of expressing their gratitude on the Mountain god. If we are very much spiritually inclined people, then we could also write the will in favour of TTD, or else to Shirdi/Mantralayam Temple or to any other religious or social welfare institutions.


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