Temples Enhance our Bhakti towards God

Mylapore Kapaleeswarar Temple

Temples enhance our bhakti towards god, and we can also come closer to the god, by the way of regularly visiting the temples. Just by worshipping the deities from our home itself, would not provide us the needed spiritual satisfaction, since temple worship promotes more divinity with utmost satisfaction, and it also help us to […]

Bhakti Sagara

Bhakti must flow from top to bottom of our body like the Sagara (Ocean). Great sages, saints and kings have attained the glory of the god only through their selfless devotion on him. Once, if we show our sincere bhakti on Bhagavan, then Bhagavan would bow his head before the Bhagavathas, and it was proved […]

Sincere Bhakti on Almighty till our death

We have to Show our sincere bhakti on the almighty from our young age itself, since there is no certainty in our life, and at any time, anything can happen to us. With regard to bhakti, we can take Lord Hanuman as an example. Actually both Shiva and Vishnu contain supreme powers, and they are […]

Our Prayers will be answered & Our Wishes will be Fulfilled

Regular prayers to the almighty would definitely bring wonders and pleasantness in our lives, and it would give great withstanding powers in order to face any kind of challenges in our life. We will be having the faith that god would look after our life, and he would bear our burdens on his shoulders. Similar […]

Divine Darshan

Every one of us is interested in seeing the divine vision of the god. Lord Krishna had given his divine vision to many saints, and blessed them. Many Varkari Saints like Sant Tukaram, Sant Dnyaneswar, Sant Eknath and Sant Namdev have witnessed the real vision of the great Lord Krishna, and they have also interacted […]

Relation between Knowledge & Devotion: Can Devotion be fruitful without Knowledge?

What is the relation between knowledge and devotion? Can devotion be fruitful without knowledge? To this perplexing question, Sri Sri Ravishankar Guruji of Art of Living giving a description in his own words… Now suppose you are fond of Rasgullas (a sweet) only then you will have a desire to eat it, right? How can you desire […]

The Nature of Devotion

As it is commonly found to-day, devotion is self-centered, superstition- redden and often anti social. People seek god’s grace for tiding over crises or for getting their desires fulfilled- better health, money, job promotions, passing examinations and the like. If the lord does not respond. He is rejected. In short, religion reduced to business proposition. […]

Which kind of devotee are you among three kinds of devotees

There are three kinds of devotees. The first kind is a devotee who keeps asking, ‘God give me this’, ‘God give me that.’ The second kind is a devotee who is always grateful, ‘Thank you God, you gave me this and you gave me that’, a devotee who is emotional, prayerful and keeps crying out […]

Devotion is not Business Proposition

Devotion is not Business Proposition: The dominating theme in all holy books is cultivation of devotion. These books spell out the details of generating it through different methods. At the same time, they also indicate that devotion is not a business proposition, telling God that we must be given plenty in return. What is necessary […]

Devotion leads to Supreme bliss

Some instances where even ardent devotees suffer, contrary to the belief that god never allows those devoted to him to grieve, make people wonder why he should indulge in such methods. Why should he give agony to his sincere devotees. Is he a mere task-master? Has he no mercy? If that be his attitude.why should […]