Bhakti Sagara

Leading a disciplined life is very difficult especially at this present situation. Disciplined life means observing punctuality, sincerity and hard work, avoidance of bad habits like smoking and drinking, respecting others etc. Those who adopt an undisciplined life would believe that, it gives great pleasure for them. Some used to believe that following a disciplined life style is like they are being tied with tightly bounded chains. Some ancient kings have even lost their empire due to lack of discipline.

Going towards the right path seems to be better for some people, and it is also the correct way of leading our life. It is easy to cultivate bad habits, whereas it is very difficult to cultivate good habits in our life. Ancient kings used to give vigorous punishments to their people who adopt an undisciplined life style. It is the duty of the parents, to cultivate good habits to their children from their childhood onwards, in order to make them to lead a highly disciplined life. The divine Tamil poet Thiruvalluvar had mentioned about Discipline in one of his Thirukural, “Discipline must be strictly observed by the people, and it should be considered more than that of their life”.

In the Bhagavat Gita Discourse, Lord Krishna talks about “DISCIPLINE” in a detailed manner. “Among the various good acts, Discipline is to be considered as the foremost act, since without discipline, people could not lead their lives in a proper manner. Self-discipline and self-control must be sincerely followed by a person, in order to come up in his life. I am giving much respect to Discipline, and I am also considering those people who observe strict discipline in lives, as my true devotees, even though, they didn’t worship me. Once if a person acquires discipline, automatically he would be addicted with all other good habits like generosity, simplicity and honesty. My devotees like Prahalada and Dhruva used to observe strict discipline during their period, and they also used to punish the undisciplined people. A disciplined life would taste better to a noble person, while it tastes bitter to a bad person, and it all depends on the mentality of the people. The superior metal gold even if it is thrown into the fire, it would not rust, likewise my true devotees would never turn into bad ones, even if they have been wrongly diverted by others”.

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