Bhakti Sagara

Similar to Prahalada and Dhruva, Markandeya also showed his staunch devotion on Lord Shiva from his childhood itself. These three Bhagavathas can be described as three main pillars of Sanatana Dharma, since by reading their life history, ordinary people like us, could also develop staunch devotion on the almighty. But, similar to these three spiritual stalwarts, we are not showing much attention in worshipping the almighty. Since these Bhagavathas have showed sufficient interest, dedication and devotion on the god, they have attained higher position in the divine worlds, and therefore, they need not worry about their life.

When Yama has approached Markandeya for taking the soul from his body, Markandeyastrongly believed that Lord Shiva would safeguard him from the clutches of Lord Yama, and as a result, he has become an Immortal, and still he looks like that of a sixteen year old handsome young boy. But, we are not taking much attention to offer our daily prayers to the god. Most of us believe just by offering a prayer to the god for a five minutes time itself is sufficient, and it would bring lot of prosperity in our lives.

Daily we have allocate at least an hour time, to offer our sincere prayers to the god. Simply by saying, “I don’t have time to worship the god”, would be of no use, and most of us tell like this with a pride. “Work is worship”, is correct, and it should be definitely followed by us, but, at the same time, we must think, that god only makes us to work, by giving sufficient energy and will-power to us. If we apply the “NO TIME” concept with regard to spiritual matters, then at the end of our life, we would not get fulfillment in our life. At our old age, if we think, that what big have we achieved so far in our life, means, then there is nothing to tell specifically.

Offering prayers to the sun god, after we have lost our eyesight, is of no use. At the present situation of our life, Bhakti only would give the best and permanent satisfaction to us, Bhakti would add lot of sweetness to us, and it would redirect us from an ordinary life to a spiritual and an enlightened life. Those who have faith with the god would never be disappointed, and they would shine brightly in their lives like the full moon.

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