Bhakti Sagara

Similar to worshipping Lord Krishna, let us also worship the pure hearted devotees of Lord Krishna like Meerabai, Eknath, Dyaneshwar, Sakkubai and Thukaram. All of these devotees were dedicated their entire soul to Lord Krishna, and they found the image of Lord Krishna in every object. They also treated everyone with respect, since they strongly believed that Lord Krishna occupies in the soul of each and every living being. They have also forgotten even to eat and sleep, since their entire thoughts were focussed only on Krishna. They found a great sense of satisfaction by chanting the lovely names of Krishna, and their each and every body cell chanted the wonderful glories of Krishna. These devotees were even got the divine vision of Lord Krishna during their life time itself, and they directly received the blessings of Krishna. After their lifetime, they have attained the lotus feet of Krishna, since they have been very much loved by Lord Krishna.

But before reaching the spiritual state, they have passed many hardships in their lives. Though most of the people believed their true faith on Krishna, but, some of them didn’t believe their Krishna Bhakti, and hence they have given lot of troubles to the Krishna Devotees. But through the grace of Lord Krishna, they have easily crossed those hurdles, and also lived a peaceful life.

Whenever we read any newspapers or listen to any Media, we could find that some people commit suicides as a result of their desires. Some people commit suicides after losing their hard earned money by playing some online games. In order earn money easily they are adopting some bad methods. We should always get satisfied with whatever we owe, and we must not try to earn money through unwanted means. Nobody could get money easily, and even if we earn money through dishonest means, it would not last for a long time in our hands, and very soon it would vanish. We should not run behind money, since money itself is not the life. If we read the life history of the staunch Krishna devotees, we could knew, how they have lived a simple life, and how they have considered money as an ordinary thing, since they considered their beloved Lord Krishna only as their precious wealth.

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