Divine Darshan

Krishna vishwaroopam vishnu

Krishna vishwaroopam vishnu

Every one of us is interested in seeing the divine vision of the god. Lord Krishna had given his divine vision to many saints, and blessed them. Many Varkari Saints like Sant Tukaram, Sant Dnyaneswar, Sant Eknath and Sant Namdev have witnessed the real vision of the great Lord Krishna, and they have also interacted with him and sung songs in praise of him.

In the previous Dwapara Yuga, Lord Krishna ruled Dwaraka, and the people lived during the period were really the blessed ones. The Dwaraka people had seen Lord Krishna directly and also seen his lovely miracles. Similar to that during the Treta Yuga, Lord Rama ruled Ayodhya, and the Ayodhya people had got the opportunity to see and interact with their king and the divine avatar Lord Rama.

Apart from Rama and Krishna, the great Saint Shirdi Baba also directly blessed his sincere devotees and still blessing them from his Samadhi shrine at Shirdi. Similar to that, the 16th century saint Guru Raghavendra is still living in physical form inside the Brindavan at Mantralayam, and doing meditation on Lord Rama.

The great saints Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa and Sri Paramahamsa Yogananda had seen the vision of the almighty through their sincere prayers.But nowadays, due to the change in the behaviour of most of the people, the divine gods, his avatars, as well as the divine saints doesn’t want to exhibit themselves in front of the people.But still they are showering their grace to their devotees.

The main thing is that, whether we are getting the vision of the god or not, that doesn’t matter. We must show our sincere attention on him and by our dedicated service to the god, he would definitely give his Darshan in his original form or in some other form.

God is expecting our sincere bhakti on him, and more than that he didn’t expect anything from us. Hence, let us perform meditation on the almighty and ask him to give his divine appearance in front of us.


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