Bhakti Sagara

Worship places such as temples and Mutts must be kept clean, similar to our work places, since divine power exists in those places tremendously. Temples are to be considered as sacred places, and we must have to give proper respect to those holy abodes in the earth. Some devotees after visiting the deities present in the temples, used to eat food inside the temple premises itself, and would leave the garbage inside the temples. By doing that, they would not get the benefit in visiting the temples at all.

In some Hindu temples, still some people who belong to other religions are embracing our deities indecently, and that act must be strongly condemned by us. Though now they feel that their act is good, but, in course of time, they would have to face the stringent punishment from the god. After knowing about the loop holes present in our Indian Act, the culprits considers the idols of our holy mother goddesses as pleasure giving dolls, and some of them used to kiss them also, and they are also bravely taking photos and also putting it in the social medias, and after seeing the photos, some of the Hindus are also admiring it. Hindus must get up from their long sleep, and must realise, that if they comment badly about any other religions, then what would happen to them?

Some Hindus are thinking only about them and their family. No one is ready to safeguard our temples from destruction. They are highly interested to safeguard their money, and also they are very much interested in enjoying worldly pleasures in their life. But they must realise that their enjoyment would last only till the time of their death. After their death, what will happen to them? Though still some political parties are giving their support with regard to the preservation of temples, but that itself is not enough, and, we also must have to take initiative on our own for the well-being of the temples.

Hence, let all the Hindus come forward to save our Hindu temples from destruction, and whenever if we hear about any Hindu temples, which are about to be destroyed, then we have to bring the matter to the attention of the Court, and we also must obtain a stay order for it. Still if we comfortably sit in our home by eating healthy food and watching our favourite movie and sleeping in a deluxe A/C room, then at the end of our life, it is very difficult for us to answer to the questions raised by the death god Yama Bhagavan!

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