Temples Enhance our Bhakti towards God

Mylapore Kapaleeswarar Temple

Mylapore Kapaleeswarar Temple

Temples enhance our bhakti towards god, and we can also come closer to the god, by the way of regularly visiting the temples. Just by worshipping the deities from our home itself, would not provide us the needed spiritual satisfaction, since temple worship promotes more divinity with utmost satisfaction, and it also help us to know about the age old customs, traditions and the rituals to be followed by us. Temples also provide us open air circulation. By sitting in the open air in front of the temple shrines, lot of positive energy could be realized by us.

Still some people are of the opinion, that temple worship is a sheer waste of time. If they read our epics like Bhagavatham and Ramayana, then they could know about the significance in visiting and worshipping the temples. When Rama has killed Ravana during the Lanka war, he has suffered from severe Brahmahati Dosham, since Ravana was the son of the Brahmin Sage Vishrava. In order to cleanse his sins, Rama went to the Rameswaram Temple, worshipped the holy Shiva Lingam and got rid from his sins. If Rama has worshipped Lord Shiva at his Ayodhya palace itself, then it would be possible for him to get rid from his Brahmahati Dosham?

Likewise, our dear Balarama who was supposed to be the angry person had once killed a sage, since the sage didn’t honour him properly. Due to that he has suffered from severe Brahmahati Dosham, and in order to get rid from that, he underwent Thirta Yatra and visited many holy shrines of the deities, and this incident was happened during the previous Dwapara Yuga, approximately before 5000+odd years ago. If the great person like Balarama had visited many temples, then why can’t we?

Temples are considered to be the earthly abodes of the deities, and since we are all ordinary people, we can’t get their direct divine vision through our naked eyes. But at least we could get satisfied by worshipping the idols present in the temples. Hence let us cultivate the habit of visiting more and more temples, without considering whether it is big or small, and as per the golden proverb, “Even if the deity is considered to be small, but it contains great significance”.

My main purpose of writing spiritual articles is to inculcate bhakti on the minds of the readers, to protect and preserve our holy Sanatana Dharma, and to spread it all over the world.


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