Bhakti Sagara

Bhakti must flow from top to bottom of our body like the Sagara (Ocean). Great sages, saints and kings have attained the glory of the god only through their selfless devotion on him. Once, if we show our sincere bhakti on Bhagavan, then Bhagavan would bow his head before the Bhagavathas, and it was proved during the previous Dwapara Yuga. Lord Krishna is very fond of keeping peacock feathers on his head, in order to add more beauty to his appearance. A lovely peacock, whose name was “MAYUR”, used to approach Lord Krishna, and it would show its feathers to Krishna, in order to make him to pluck one of its feathers on a daily basis, and the peacock had done this noble act throughout its lifetime.

In recognition to the Bhakti of the Holy Peacock, after the death of the peacock, Lord Krishna has sent “MAYUR” to the abode of Lord Indra, in order to make it to cheerfully dance in the court of Lord Indra. It is also mentioned, that while plucking the feathers of the peacock, Lord Krishna used to bow his head before the peacock, as a thanksgiving act.

In his Bhagavat Gita teachings, Lord Krishna tells, “I act as a slave to my devotees, and I am ready to do any kind of service to them wilfully. Those who are considered to be my Bhagavathas are to be considered as my masters, since they have dedicated their entire soul on me. I am living in their soul, and out of their sheer devotion, they are attaining my powers, and they are becoming me itself”.

As per the sayings of Lord Krishna, he has transformed as an ordinary boy, and he himself served as a dutiful disciple to the 16th century Varkari Saint, Sri Eknath for a period of 12 years. Saints like Guru Raghavendra and Shirdi Baba have done many miracles during their lifetime and still they are doing that. They are able to do it, since they have got the entire powers of the almighty. If we also completely surrender under the lotus feet of Lord Krishna, then in course of time, we would attain the powers of the god, and we would become enlightened ones. But at the present Kali Yuga, only a handful number of devotees are able to see the god, and they are only able to dedicate their soul and their belongings to the god. Nowadays, people are becoming more and more selfish due to the evil influence of Lord Kalipurusha. We have to keep more and more bhakti on Lord Krishna, in order to become Bhagavathas like Prahalada, Dhruva, and Narada.

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