Our Prayers will be answered & Our Wishes will be Fulfilled

Regular prayers to the almighty would definitely bring wonders and pleasantness in our lives, and it would give great withstanding powers in order to face any kind of challenges in our life. We will be having the faith that god would look after our life, and he would bear our burdens on his shoulders. Similar to Christians and Muslims who are doing regular prayers in the Churches and Mosques, we must also have to do regular prayers in the temples, or otherwise we can even perform prayers in our home itself.

Prayers would even change our bad fate, and would blossom our life. It would make the impossible into possible. But most of us are losing interest to pray before the god, whenever if we struck with any problems in our life. Some people will be having the interest to visit far away temples, and they would even bring their family also along with them. But as soon as they visit the temples, they would lose their hope, and they would be in dilemma whether the god present inside the shrine would solve their problems.

Visiting the temples itself, will not change our lives. We must develop utmost confidence and bhakti on the god, and must be in a position to accept anything given by the god, whether it is small or big.Saintly people would never get tensed even if they suffer from big problems in their lives, but their main intention is to keep developing more and more bhakti on the god.

Our prayers must not be done just for name sake. It should be real and selfless in nature, and just for getting awards and rewards we should not pray. At the time of our prayers, even if we didn’t express our wishes before the god, he knows about our needs and desires, and he would fulfill our reasonable needs at the appropriate time.

We should not keep telling only about our worries before the god, but we should thank him, for the favours received by him, and for giving a peaceful life.God is the universal master, and he knows everything about us, he is the one who has created us, and he is also our divine parent. Hence, let us develop more and more bhakti on the almighty, in order to get his blessings.


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