Bhakti Sagara

God doesn’t treats his assistants just merely as his servants, he considers them as his own son, and also helps them in their marriages. When the great BhaktaPrahalada had attained teenage, it was Lord Narasimha who took the form of a Vedic priest, told about the greatness of Prahalada to a king who ruled a kingdom, which was under the control of Prahalada, and then the king wilfully arranged marriage between Prahalada and his daughter Devi, and the marriage took place fantastically in front of mortals and immortals.

After Prahalada had tied the sacred knot on the neck of his consort Devi, Narasimha who was present there in the form of a Vedic priest, had revealed his true form, blessed the couple and all others who were present in the marriage hall, and then he went to his abode, the Holy Vaikunta.

Likewise Lord Shiva had helped his divine attendant, Lord Nandi, to get married to a pious girl, and also he helped his staunch devotee and Nayanmar Saint, Sundarar to get married to Ma Shankali. Apart from these holy devotees, he also still helps his devotees in their marriages, and it is also believed those who visit the famous “KALYANA SUNDARAR TEMPLE”, of Lord Shiva at Thirumanancheri, would get married soon, and their marriage life would be happier.

Likewise, Lord Krishna had served as an attendant under his staunch devotee Eknath, by taking the form of a small boy, and he has pleasingly served Eknath for more than ten years. It is also believed that Lord Ayyanar, an aspect of Lord Ayyappa, a great guardian god, serves as a guardian to all of his devotees, and would roam in the streets by riding a horse, during night times.

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