Bhakti Sagara

Bhagavathas are greater than the ordinary Bhaktas, since Bhagavathas are ready to even sacrifice their lives. When Prahalada was put under the fire by his father Hiranyakasipu, the young child didn’t get worry, but stood firm on his bhakti, and recited the Narayana Mantra continuously. Likewise, when the death god, Yama Deva reached the child Markandeya, the young child, tightly hugged the Shiva Lingam, by seeking protection from Lord Shiva. We cannot compare the great Bhagavathas like Prahalada, Narada, Tumburu, Markandeya and Dhruva, with us, since we would never show such a strong faith on the almighty, similar to them.

Most of us are worshipping the god as a part of our daily routine activity, and only some of them used to worship the god sincerely. The great Bhagavathas have already reached the divine worlds, and they are well settled there. Narada is already a great Rishi, and being the son of Lord Brahma Deva, he has got the powers to travel to any divine world, as he like. Dhruva had become a divine star in the sky, and he shines more brightly than other stars. Markandeya has become a sage, and he also lives in the Rishi Mandala. Tumburu is living in the Gandharva Loka, but he is capable of travelling to any world, similar to Narada. The great Prahalada has taken the birth as Guru Raghavendra, and he showers his grace to all of his devotees, similar to his beloved god Vishnu.

But we are all ordinary mortals, and for us, it is very difficult to settle down in the divine worlds. We are losing faith and interest on the god, once if we get any problems or stress or mental tensions in our life. We must take Prahalada as the best example, since he had never lost his interest on Lord Vishnu, even though, when he was punished severely by his father Hiranyakasipu. We have to develop strong faith and bhakti on the almighty similar to Prahalada, through constant practice. If we want to stop taking births again and again, we must also aim to become a Bhagavatha like Prahalada and Dhruva, by worshipping the almighty frequently. Our life in the earth is like standing near the fire, and, at any time, the fire (our bad karmas) would burn us severely, and due to that, we would have to suffer a lot in our lives.

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