Rahul Gandhi Europe holiday to fix British Citizenship Issue ??

Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi Europe holiday to fix British Citizenship Issue ??

Going out on a foreign holiday is nothing new for Rahul Gandhi. He has done that many times even without disclosing the location and sometimes, even the Congress Party had no clue about his whereabouts. But this time, he has tweeted that he will be going to Europe for a holiday. Nothing fishy about this, unless you connect the “Dual Citizenship Issue of Rahul Gandhi” raised by Subramanya Swamy. Dr. Swamy has provided proof that Rahul Gandhi has himself declared that he is a British Citizen while filing the annual returns of his company Bakops Limited based at UK.

Have a look at Rahul Gandhi tweeting about his holiday.

Office of RG Tweet on Europe Holiday


Now connect this news with Dr. Swamy’s allegation. You can see the proof yourself in this document where it is clearly mentioned that he is a British Citizen.

pappu british citizen no-watermark

It doesn’t take an Einstein to figure out that Mr. Rahul Gandhi is out in Europe to fix this issue. Otherwise he stands the chance of losing out on Indian Citizenship permanently. Everyone in the country knows that Dr. Swamy does not get into a fight without a strong backup of evidence. Remember he was the guy instrumental in exposing the earlier scams of Congress like 2 G spectrum.

The Congress party on its part has come out with a weak defence claiming it to be a “typographical error”. Surprised that these things can happen even while filing annual returns of a company in the UK !!!

congress defence no-watermark

What do you think will be the final outcome of all this ?

No prizes for guessing. Mr. Gandhi will fix this issue( by hook or crook) and come out clean. Unless our esteemed PM takes the issue seriously and orders for an enquiry.

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