Shakti Ganapathi, Sakti Ganesha

Shakti Ganapati Shakti Ganesha

Shakti Ganapati Shakti Ganesha

Shakti Ganapathi is the 5th form among 32 forms of Lord Ganesha. He is depicted with 4 arms (Chaturbhuja Ganapathi). Shakti Ganapati is not mentioned in 21 types of Ganesha (Ekavimsathi Ganapathi) & in 16 types of Ganesha (Shodasha Ganapati).

Shakti Ganapathi is the most powerful form among all forms of Ganesha. This form of Ganapati is part of Tantric worship.

Shakti Ganapathi Dhyanam: Shakthi Ganesha Mantram

Alingya deveem haritham nishnnaam

Parasparaa shlishtaka thee nivesham

Sandhya runam pashasrunim vahastham

Bhayapaham shakti ganesha meede

Appearance & Iconography of Shakti Ganapathi

Holding the green-coloured Shakti, Shakti Ganapati is depicted as being the colour of the sky at sunset. He appears with a noose in one hand, a garland of flowers in another and one hand in the abhaya mudra, offering blessing to his devotees.


Shakti Ganapati is worshipped in Tantric form of worship.

Shakti Ganapathi Dhyana Mantra

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