‘Chaturvyuhas’ of Lord Vishnu (Four Aspects of Manifestation)

According to the Pancharatra or the Bhagavata, that largely preaches the cult of Vishnu-Narayana. This particular cult has put forward the theory that Vishnu who is considered as the Supreme Lord has four aspects of manifestation.

They are the supreme which means the Para, the emanation which means the Vyutha, the incarnation which means the Vibhava and the icon which means the Arca.

As per the local legends, “Para is the Supreme as He is in all His glory. Vibhava represents the incarnations already dealt with. Arca is the descent of the Lord into the icon ceremonially installed and worshipped in the temples.” According to them, the incarnation which means the Vibhava are four in number. They are Vasudeva, Pradyumna, Aniruddha and Sankarshana. The term chaturvyuhas is also known as chaturmurtis.

As per Vaisnava mythologies, Sri Krishna is Vasudeva and his brother Balarama is Sankarshana.

On the other hand, Aniruddha and Pradyumna are Krishna’s grandson and son respectively. The cosmic psychological evolution is represented as Aniruddha for Manas (mind), Pradyumna for Buddhi (intellect), Sankarsana stands for Ahankara (egoistic) and Vasudeva represents Chitta (mind-stuff).

Vyuhas is emblems with Shankha, Gada, Chakra and Padma. Chaturvyuhas has religious and social significance among the devotees and pilgrims. There are certain mention about this in many Puranas and other ancient religious texts and inscription.

The Hindu religious and pundits regard Chaturvyuhas in an esteemed status in Hindu religion. This topic is really easy to be understood and learned regarding it from various available sources.

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