Talk Less Work More

Chandrasekhanrendra Saraswati Swamigal

Chandrasekhanrendra Saraswati Swamigal

We have to always talk less and work more. Too much of talking would lead to fights and also we would lose our energy. In general, people who talk more would not reach higher levels in their life. Some people would also call them as “CHATTERBOX”.

Most of the saints like Paramacharya of Kanchipuram used to observe strict silence, and as a result their name and fame had spread all over the world. Similar to Paramacharya, several Siddha saints have not talked with others for several years, and they used to spend their time in doing meditation, and as a result they have gained more and more spiritual powers.

As per scientific studies, those who talk too much would suffer from vocal cord problems, and some people would also suffer from throat cancer. But while performing divine discourses and singing songs in praise of Lord Krishna, we have to raise our voice loudly, since in case of divine matters, god would protect our body, and would give more energy to us.

In case of certain jobs, speech must be delivered compulsorily and continuously for long hours, in case of election campaign and in case of teaching jobs. If our talk creates a decent earning for our livelihood, then we can talk, since it forms part and parcel of our life. Whereas, if we unnecessarily gossips, or spread rumours about others, then that would definitely lead to clashes with others.

We can take Lord Krishna as an example for this. In his avatar, he had talked less but done a lot. Instead of telling about his greatness, he himself proved his significance in front of others, like killing of powerful demons, and removal of the sufferings of the Vrindavan people etc. He also spoken to the Pandavas limitedly, but helped them a lot through his powers.

Only at the time of giving his Bhagavat Gita teachings, Lord Krishna had talked for several hours, since it is his duty to protect the Dharma, and to remove the Adharma from this world. He also mostly interacted with his pure hearted Gopikas through his eyes only.
Hence let us “TALK LESS AND WORK MORE” in order to attain goodness in our lives.


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